The age old fight between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, actually never gets old. But no matter what others think, Navi Mumbai is surely setting trends with its galore of buzzing and unique fitness centres spread all across. Check out these top 5 fitness centres and find out why Navi Mumbai is the new fitness hub in the making!

1. Crossfit Myden (Nerul)

They say if you want to know why strong is the new sexy, you should definitely try a crossfit routine. Crossfit as its essence, Myden in Nerul has specially designed plans for every crossfitter, new or old. Group classes to personal training to their unique Novice level introductory program, everything is carefully targeted to an individual’s fitness needs. Every individual is assessed before joining the program to help design their path better

Check out Crossfit Myden (Nerul)

2. Go Fitness (Thane)

If your aim is to gain muscle mass or loose fat, they have a facility catering to all fitness needs. Located at Hiranandani in Thane West, the gym offers core gym services like strength training, cardio, and other targeted fitness solutions to various fitness needs.

If you’re a lady looking to join this gym, they also have special workout space for you, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Check out Go Fitness (Thane)

3. Four Points Gym (Vashi)

The gym located at the prestigious hotel called Sheraton is everything luxury and fitness combined. The state of the art gym is equipped with the best equipments. Additional benefits like swimming pool and Micky Mehta’s combined training programs are also offered here. You could avail various memberships ranging from personal to master training. You could call it the one stop destination for different workouts. Check out their page to know more details about their various membership programs

Check out Go Fitness (Thane)

4. Your Fitness Club (Kharghar)

Better known as YFC, the fitness centre is no new name in the fitness circle. The gym is known for its expert trainers and carefully designed equipments for cardio and strength training exercises. Moreover, they also offer various programs like fat loss, personal training and nutritional counselling for a better targeted fitness journey

Check out Your Fitness Club (Kharghar)

5. 5 Fitness Goals (Kharghar)

In case you get bored of your gym workouts very easily, here is a good news for you! The gym provides various activities like zumba, power yoga, aerobics, spinning and kickboxing to break that monotony. The gym is also known for its special ladies package that has curated activities for a better approach specially designed for women as well as their weight loss package which offers a combination of various workout forms

Check out 5 Fitness Goals (Kharghar)

6. Fytnation (Navi Mumbai)

A very breathable space that aims at no clutter and comfortable fitness, Fytnation is the place that provides five star facilities to all fitness seekers. Apart from their regular gym workout programs, they also offer zumba and kickboxing programs. A nutriyion café is an added bonus for you to try this place out too!

 Check out Fytnation (Navi Mumbai)

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