When you think about taking ballet lessons you are likely to have one of, or both these thoughts cross your mind:

  • Am I a little late to start ballet lessons?

  • How will it help me get fit?

To answer your questions, no, you are never too late to pick up ballet classes or learn anything new for that matter, EVER! Ballet as a fitness form has tremendous benefits: Improving core strength, toning, gaining flexibility, helps relieve stress & anxiety to name a few.

If you are here reading this, I suggest you leave all your doubts aside and start!

Here is a list of top 10 Ballet Classes in Mumbai you can join:

1. Beyond Studio, Bandra

2. Arts In Motion -  Khar West

3. Impetus, Powai

4. Change, Powai

5. The Square, Powai

6. Alistair's Dance Academy, Vashi

7. Studio 23, Churchgate

8. Zumba with Sculptasse, Powai & Wadala

9. Arpita's Step Up India, Vile Parle East

10. Rhythmus Happy Feet Dance Academy, Khar West

If you are sold on joining a ballet class by now, I can guarantee that you will be reaping a combination of the above benefits, even if you simply start off with the intent of keeping fit or shedding a few pounds.

Want to explore further?

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