Steve Kamb of the Nerd Fitness fame gives you a few solid suggestions on how to stick to a healthy routine while traveling whilst making the most of your food and leisure experiences:

 According to Steve doing things like riding your bike, hiking, and going for walking tours is a FANTASTIC start to building a healthy body. It’s an exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercise because you’re also exploring new locations like Indiana Jones or Carmen Sandiego.

Trying local cuisine or constantly eating to keep yourself energized through the day is unavoidable. The important thing to remember is to strike a balance between enjoying your meals and local flavor while curtailing unnecessary binge eating in the form of junk food and fillers. Eat small portions of food through the day and stay hydrated. Compensate indulgences and over-eating at meal times with exercise and eating lighter and healthier during the following day.

To make your eating habits in check Steve Kamb recommends:

  • Eat real food most of the time. Liquid calories are brutal.
  • Don’t rely on meal timing or calorie counting.
  • Do the best you can. Don’t freak out!

Another helpful by Steve is to keep track of all your workouts, the goal is to make sure every workout you do is on par or better than the work out you did the day before. This way you make sure that you’re not exercising for the sake of exercising but challenging yourself physically thereby maintaining your fitness levels even when on vacation.

Other travel bloggers and fitness experts recommend cardio blasts in the morning at your hotel room first thing after waking up—think jumping jacks, burpees, planks and jumping lunges! These are great for fitness and an improved mood after. Starting your day with a work out will energize you for the day’s activities you have planned for the day.

On longer trips, you can consider taking a couple of dance classes or yoga sessions which can be a fun way to experience a town or city like the locals do! If you’re a stickler for a certain type of fitness routine—you absolutely need to weight train every day or swimming is crucial to keep up your stamina, do some research beforehand or ask your hotel or host to hook you up. Do not perform punishing or strenuous routines because injuring yourself or spending hours recovering from a work out will disrupt your vacation. The key is to have fun with it and treat your body right by eating healthy and keeping active!

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