Are you the type of person who dreads going to the gym, the pool, the tennis court, the football field, or the jogging park? It’s not because you’re lazy or demotivated or uninterested in getting/staying fit. You just find machines boring and unimaginative!

Don’t worry. There are fitness options for you too! In a city as vibrant as Mumbai, there are a lot of fitness avenues you can venture into. Perhaps all you need is a good teacher and a pumped up fitness class.

Here’s a list of the best fitness classes in Mumbai.


Cross training takes on a whole new level at CrossFit. Join the program designed for universal scalability, so regardless of your fitness level, you will be challenged. At Cross Fit, you’ll get the intense, core-building fitness fix you’ve been looking for. And the best part is that you’ll have the luxury of a variety of refreshing exercises to keep you on your toes and to prevent you from getting bored.

Try Crossfit at Lokhandwala with Crossfit Blackfire

Try Crossfit at Juhu with CrossfitOm

Try Crossfit at Bandra West with Reebok Crossfit

Try Crossfit at Nerul with Crossfit Mayden

Try Crossfit at Kandivali East with Crossfit 7 Seas

Try Crossfit at Goregaon West with Crossfit BPC (TFF)

Try Crossfit at Malabar Hills with Reebok CF at PDP

Cindy's Bootcamp:

A workout inspired by the sport, surfing, where the boards are designed to create an reality like experience for the user. The Board allows you to build aerobic conditioning, burn fat, build lean muscle, power, agility, stability & tone in addition to core & balance training. It combines elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45 minute routine on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.

Try it for yourself at The Space in Juhu

Aqua Fitness:

Aquatic fitness has become a fitness phenomenon in UK, Europe and USA specially Aqua cycling because of the many incredible benefits- high caloric burn, lean muscle-building, increased circulation, cellulite reduction- combined with the low impact on joints. Combine all of this with a beautiful watery workout scene.

Interested? Try it at:

Aqua Strength, Bandra West

Spring Board Fitness, Worli

The Body Craft House, Khar West

C'est La Vie, Bandra West

Aerial Silk: 

Aerial silk is a special type of cloth suspended from the top on which one or more people perform aerial acrobatics. Aerial silk is also known as tissue, aerial fabric or aerial cloth. Aerial silk yoga is more popular as a performance act. It is also used as an exercise tool, as it helps to develop strength, flexibility, stamina, neuro muscular coordination and variety of motor skills. Aerial silk is performed without harness , it is performed only on ones own strength and skill.

Try Aerial Silk workout with Aditi Despande

Try Aerial Silk workout at The Wooden Stage

Try Arial Silk Workout at 20-15 Futness Studio

Try Arial Silk Workout at Arts in Motion - Khar West

Try Arial Silk Workout at Arts in Motion - Sion

Try Arial Silk Workout at The Space - Juhu

Masala Bhangra:  

Dance your way through a workout to the beat of fun Desi songs at JG’s Fitness. It’s a great way to burn calories and enjoy yourself at the same. If you’re bored of the same-old fitness routines and machines, you’ll love Masala Bhangra. It’s nothing like anything. So “come feel the heat! Move your feet! Live the Dhol beat!

Try Masala Bhangra at Santacruz with JG's Fitness

Try Masala Bhangra at Bandra with House of Wow

Try Masala Bhangra at Prabhadevi with The Freakout Garage

Animal Flow by NAM:

Try Animal Flow at Juhu with The Space

Try Animal Flow at Bandra West with Tangerine Artis Studio

Try Animal Flow at Santacruz West with Torba

Cross Functional Training (HIIT):

Try Cross Function Training at Andheri West with MultiFit

Try Cross Function Training at Lokhandwala with Bodyholics Combine Training Gym

Try Cross Function Training at Andheri West with FlexFit

Try ATS at Juhu with Active8 Studio


Try Pilates at Worli with Core Pilates with Sheetal Shah

Try Pilates at Vile Parle East with Radhika's Balance Body

Try Pilates at Bandra West with Pilates with Kaizeen Motafram

Try Pilates at Bandra West with Sunaina Rekhi

Try Pilates at Hughes Road with The Pilates and Altitude Training Studio

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