Here’s something to think about. I’ve noticed that the concept of ‘fitness’ revolves more around losing weight or bulking up. Ironically, it has nothing to do with actual fitness. What people need to focus on, more than anything, is being fit, and the rest just follows!

It’s simple - You have to be fit to do certain kinds of exercises and only then you’re fit to do the exercise that helps you lose weight, gain muscle or tone up. It’s FITNESS that should always be given first priority. That’s a precursor to looking good.

Also, a lot of people treat exercise as a short-term thing that can be done away with once its purpose is fulfilled. I’m a firm believer of working out the whole year around. Maintaining a uniform body weight throughout is much healthier than drastically fluctuating from one number to another. It is (and should be) a lifetime thing. Ultimately it zeroes down to fitness, and this is what I want to bring forward to people.

There is so much variety with respect to exercises today. There are options beyond the gym. You need a blend of everything; you need to have a certain amount of flexibility to avoid injuries. You need to have a decent amount of strength and stamina so that you can execute those exercises. There are different stages of fitness, you might be at the lower level of fitness and still be fit. But you can always grow from wherever you are.

Let me use my own personal example. Martial artists (me being one myself) go through a strenuous grind. My first black belt exam was probably 8-9 hours non-stop without a break, without a drop of water. I didn’t join a martial arts class just to lose weight or for a ripped body. I went because I wanted to get fit. I played first-class cricket but my, my fitness regime for cricket was martial arts. I have stopped playing cricket, but martial arts is still a passion. It’s like having breakfast, lunch, dinner - I need martial arts in my routine every day.

Thankfully, mindsets with regards to fitness have started changing in a positive way. People actually come to me to work on their fitness levels because they feel like being fit and strong, and that makes me really happy. It’s taken some time to get here, but it’s a step in the right direction and I can definitely work with that.

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