Circuit training -  a hybrid version of Interval training is a sure shot guide to weight loss. It also helps in provinding exercises that reduce your tummy and help you gain flat abs. Establishing this face previously, we are here to help you aid that process with these amazing applications.

There are a host of sports and fitness related apps out in mobile app stores. However, there are only a few which are suitable for your purposes and which have been tried and tested by various users for their effectiveness and design interface.

On the Android store, there are three popular apps available for circuit training. The first one is the aptly named 'Circuit Training Assistant' by developer Riana. The free version has a number of short but intense workouts designed to train different parts of one's body. The app also has the ability to track basic health indicators such as Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage and a Calorie Calculator. The pro version, which costs Rs. 127, has even more exercise options and circuits for the user.

Next is the '7 Minute Workout' app by developer mphan. Designed as a pure HIIT/HICT (high intensity interval/circuit training) assistant, this app provides the perfect help for squeezing in those intense workouts in the morning before you rush for the shower and head out for work or even between chores.

The final Android app that we would like to recommend is the 'Flexible Training' app by developer ayAPop. Priced at Rs. 65 and designed specifically for women, the app has training modules that can be done even while sitting down or while watching your favourite show on TV. The app provides descriptions for both, standing and sitting positions, so that the user may customize it to their liking. Also, the app keeps track of the user's history, allowing them to train and schedule the next workout according to their preferences.

On the iTunes App Store, the first app worth a look is the 'Sworkit - Circuit Training Workouts' by developer Ryan Hanna. The best feature on Sworkit is for the user to be able to decide what part of the body she would like to train: full body, upper, lower, cardio or core exercises. Ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, these training modules come along with explanatory images which guide the user to the perfect form.

The last app we would like to recommend is the '7 Minute workout Seven'' by developer Perigee. Much like the 7 minute workout app available in the Android app store, this app too provides complete body circuit training which one can perform in short capsules. This app also allows you to set daily reminders and the ability to move through various levels ranging from Novice to Athlete.

As with exercises in the gym, one needs to use these apps for a couple of sessions to determine whether the training sessions mentioned suit your requirements.

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