Zumba classes are a trainer-led group activity specially designed for weight loss, toning and sculpting the entire body. Whether you can dance or no, Zumba is for all! Isn’t it the best way to lose all those extra calories while having fun?! We know y’all agree! Read on to find out the top 9 Zumba classes in Gurgaon! Ditch the workout, join the party!!

 1) Zink Fitness Studio, DLF Phase 4

Ditch those heavyweights, bring out your dancing shoes and Zumbaaa!

Pay Per Session: INR 499

1 month (12 sessions): INR 3000

2) Gold's Gym, Sushant Lok

This gym offers a lot of services, so bring out your workout clothes and sweat your way to glory!

Pay Per Session: INR 499

1 month (gym+group activities): INR 5000

3) Vivafit, DLF Phase 4

Ladies, this studio is for you, and only you. Shed those inhibitions and get your zumba mode: ON!

Pay Per Session: INR 499

1 month (studio membership): INR 5000

4) Titanium Fitness Club, Surya Vihar

Learn and burn those calories through the art of dance! 

Pay Per Session: INR 89

1 month (8 classes): INR 2500

5) Krama Boutique Studio, DLF Phase 1

Guys, we have your back! Burn those calories at this studio and thank us later!

Pay Per Session: INR 299

1 month (12 classes): INR 3150

6) Seven Pillars Fitness and Spa, DLF Phase 5

If you are work in and around the area or live close by, you have definitely need to check this class out!

Pay Per Session: INR 149

1 month: INR 3150

7) Tone House, Palam Vihar

Women, join this studio for a high energy fun filled workout while you get your new high!

Pay Per Session: INR 149

1 month: INR 1800

8) RUFFIT - The Fitness Club, Golf Course Road

Ruff it out to burn those calories Zumba, core training and a lot more! Sign up now!

Pay Per Session: INR 500

1 month (gym+ group activities): INR 5000

9) The Track Gym, Sector 56

Take a Zumba session here and you will be happy! Trust us! Go on, torch the fat!

Pay Per Session: INR 299

1 month (gym+group activities): INR 2500


When are you ditching the party to workout??

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