Ah Mumbai . The city of dreams… smoke, pollution, chaos and noise. Hey, it's not that bad. If we tell you that there are actually some decent places for a heartening jog or adrenaline pumping run - you're going to think we're lying. Think again, because fitness is an up and coming trend in the city and it's squeezed in some places that are up to the mark for a fun cardio workout - whether you prefer walking or running! So, slip on your sneakers and get going because we've got the best places to run in Mumbai.

Priyadarshini Park

Found yourself near Malabar Hill? Stop right there and head to Priyadarshini Park. The complex may have been reclaimed from wasteland by the sea, but there's nothing rocky about it. It's not only gorgeous and a great place to soak up some greenery, it's also got a large enough, state of the art synthetic running track to meet the jogging needs of everyone from beginners to trained runners.

Nariman Point

If a quick run before you head to work is what you're in the mood for, you can join other runners on popular promenades around the city. We're going to stick with Nariman Point and the Marine Drive stretch, because the rest of the city can be a little too full of hawkers that will interfere with your run, even early in the morning. The smell of the sea, steaming hot cups of chai and other pedestrians who are serious about exercise - you'll love this spot early in the morning. It can be a youth hotspot late evening though, so make sure you're up for a morning run when you're here.

Yeeor Hills

Don't worry, for those that skim the outskirts, there's a place in Thane that you can head to too. Near the national park, you might have to pay a small entry fee to get access to the scenic running spot, but it’s well worth it if running is a weekend deal for you. Head over for some fresh air, pretty surroundings and a lot of good running, undisturbed by the chaos you'll rush into when you enter the city proper.

Joggers Park, Juhu

You could also head to Joggers Park in Bandra which has been beautifully done up, or head further north to Juhu Park for all your recreational needs. At both venues you'll encounter a lot of senior citizens, so you might want to slow down your run in the evening. Mornings are full of serious runners, so trod up there earlier in the day if you're looking for a vigorous run.


If you like running on the road, Powai is the place to do it. From the lake to the popular Hiranandani complex, these roads have been maintained better than the rest of the city and are perfect to run on. If however, you can't manage concrete (or don't want to put the added strain on your joints), there's always the garden - with a lot of space for the idle runner and intensive jogger alike.

Now there's no longer an excuse to get up, get out, and get going with those weight loss exercises! Push through your barriers and challenge yourself with faster and longer runs. And if you're looking for some fun buddies to run with, why not join a marathon group? What are your favorite places to run in Mumbai?

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