Now that the lockdown is lifting and the gyms are reopening all around, people are getting back to fitness from the lockdown versions of themselves. 

Lockdown was a tough time for all of us fitness freaks who missed lifting weights, checking themselves out in the gym mirrors, and taking the occasional selfies. 

But even as the gyms are reopening the situation is still not out of the clear! Precautions are to be taken everywhere, be it the gym, the office, the restaurant, or anywhere else. And while thinking about precautionary measures, what comes first to mind is the face mask.

Wearing face masks in the gym is non-negotiable now! But people are afraid that wearing masks and working out could be harmful to the body. There are rumors that wearing a mask while working out can cause dizziness or increased blood pressure.

Let’s find out if these rumors are just rumors and if it is safe to workout while wearing masks!


Previously believed facts:

During the last year, wearing masks and working out was a new trend that was soon considered harmful for the body. There were discussions that wearing masks while working out could cause reduced brain function and increased blood pressure. 

People came to this conclusion by believing that masks hindered the airflow of your body. They believed that wearing a mask and doing strenuous activities could affect your breathing and would cause you to hyperventilate eventually leading to dizziness and lightheadedness. This being the cause of reduced brain function.

The Truth:

While the rumors may say anything, we believe in facts! And the facts say that wearing a mask while working out doesn’t cause any of the above-mentioned hindrances. 

The latest research has shown that wearing a mask while working out doesn’t affect any of the following:

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Level
  • Time of Exhaustion

While masks are made to prevent the droplets from entering, they don’t interfere with the airflow between the outside and the inside of the mask!

So, is it safe?

Yes, ab-so-lutely! You CAN wear a mask while exercising in public! It is safe and recommended!

Be it strenuous or light exercise wearing a mask will keep you safe in the gyms.

So now that you have your mask, get ready with the rest of your checklist before you hit the gym. We have already made one for you here.

Since you doubted working out with masks, we can assume you're ready to workout at gyms now! So...

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