If I tell you there is a kind of training that will help you to improve your physical performance and will make it easy for you to do all the other physical activities- It is called plyometrics training. Sounds interesting right? Let’s read more to discover and dive deep into what this training is exactly about. 

Plyometric training is a very sweaty, intense and a high impact form of training. It is a type of training that will prepare your muscles to produce power and strength at a great speed. It is commonly referred to as the ‘jump training’ as plyometrics involves stretching your muscles followed by an immediate contraction of the same muscle fibres. It is a form of training which will use speed and power of different movements to build muscle power. 

Plyometric exercises include jumping horizontally or vertically, running, skipping, pushups and throwing. The entire purpose of plyometrics is to promote a greater extension of the muscles to generate power. Thus, used by a lot of athletes as a part of their training but can be performed by anyone. You would have also seen some metal and wooden boxes stacked in the gym next to the gymming equipment? Have you ever wondered what those boxes are? They are great examples of plyometric training where you have to jump up and down to promote a great extension of the muscles. You either jump up and down the bench or box and have some fun while jumping over the cones.

Plyometrics can be a great way to improve your power and strength. Since this training is a combination of stretching and contraction it will help you to become more agile and flexible. It is a great way to improve your muscle power and movements. It mainly targets your legs and glutes as it involves a lot of jumping and hopping. It is having less or no focus towards core, abs, arms and back. 

Plyometrics training is very intense and helps you to improve your overall power and explosiveness. It uses a lot of power to the muscle fibres. The movements are quick, sweaty, intense, explosive and puts us to use our maximum energy more than any other workout training. It’s definitely not a recommended workout form if you don’t like to sweat and are looking to strengthen your core, abs, arms or back. 

If you are starting as a beginner in plyometrics then you should surely have a trainer who will help and guide you on how to jump and land avoiding injuries. You can start slow and then start to gradually include plyometrics in your workout regime. You should also consult your doctor before starting to work on this training if you are not in shape and are having various health problems.

You should not perform plyometrics everyday as your muscles will need some help from the intense training. You need to gear up that motivation and become active before going for this type of training. You can either do a complete plyo workout or you can add plyo to your workout regime to break the monotony. 

Plyometrics is extremely free of cost and can be performed without any equipment. They are not really good for the beginners as it is very intense and has a high impact. If you aren’t in your great shape and ready for this blast then you should definitely not consider this training as the intensive moves can lead to injuries. It will be extremely fun to perform this training outdoors but just make sure that there is a smooth landing surface like mat or grass. It is extremely convenient to perform this workout style indoors as well but again just make sure that you land on a soft and not a hard surface. 

It’s time to promote speed and power by performing plyometrics. Perform this intense and fun training to boost your muscle power and strength. You will definitely be more agile, flexible and powerful.

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