If you want Fitness to be easy and fun, Cult.fit is the right place for it offers best-in-class trainers, top gyms, best equipment, group workouts & more under one membership - Cultpass.


What is Cultpass?

Cultpass is a membership that consists of a network of high quality gyms and fitness centers spread across the country. These gyms are a curated collection of handpicked, full-service gyms that offer you added comfort and luxury to make your workout enjoyable!

With Cultpass, you also get access to scheduled trainer-led group workouts in different multiple formats such as Boxing, HRX, S&C, Yoga and Dance Fitness that focus on overall development.

Furthermore, Cultpass gives you 3 other reasons to believe that it’s the best fitness membership, which are:


1. Convenience

Cultpass offers you to choose from a wide range of gyms and centers near you! You get to choose the center which is most convenient for you to workout! All the gyms and fitness centers on cultpass are spread out across the prime locations in the city, so even if you are traveling for a day or two, you do not need to worry about getting your workout done because with the Cultpass membership (Know more about CultPass Membership) you can workout at all of these centers! 


2. Variability

With cultpass, “boredom” will no longer be in your vocabulary anymore as cultpass offers multiple varieties of fitness forms! With their best efforts of offering fitness classes from boxing to yoga, you can choose the workout according to your mood and burn those calories! Check out (The Best Classes To Look Out On Cult.fit). If you are looking for at-home workouts, they have that covered too with (DIY) workout videos, check out their app for more information!


3. Offers

With cultpass now available on Fitternity, you can avail the best discounts and daily new offers on memberships and avail 2-day free trials at the best gyms and fitness centers on cultpass!

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you then we recommend you try a 2-day free trial and try it out for yourself!