What kind of protagonists do you identify with in movies? I’ve always found myself enamored by the Karate Kid series (Note: I’m talking about the original movies—not the Jaden Smith one where they practice Kung Fu instead of Karate.). I have to confess I covet the kind of discipline, delicate skill, strength, and concentration that martial arts students have. My lazy Sunday morning movie marathon got me thinking about the possibility of me learning a martial art. But before I could lace up my sneakers and head out to learn, my plans came to a full stop. Where would I learn martial arts? Who would teach me? I wasn’t so sure if Indians were big on martial arts. Mumbai, although a city of vibrance and variety, doesn’t seem—at first glance—to offer many places to learn martial arts. Thankfully, after some research at the Fitternity HQ, I discovered otherwise. 

For all my fellow aspiring Karate Kids/Adults in Mumbai, we present to you the ten best places to learn martial arts in this city!

XFF- Xtreme Fight Federation at Bandra, Lokhandwala, Mira Road, Malabar Hills

Tribal Combat at Andheri, Vile Parle and Juhu

Fight Elite MMA Andheri West

7 Deadly Martial Arts at Vile Parle, Andheri, Thane

Amit Lalwani's Kickboxing at Bandra West

Krav Maga India across Mumbai

Alexander Fernandez at Andheri, Versova, Powai

Kaustubh Bonare Kickboxing Academy at Juhu

Fighting Fit at Bandra, Bhayandar and Vasai

Korean Combat Martial Arts Academy at Juhu, Versova, Lokandwala

Whichever Fitness Studio or Academy you choose, you won’t go wrong. So prepare to make that Karate Kid dream of yours a reality. 

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