I'm a nutritionist and a strong believer in the power of nutrition. Every week, I see people significantly improve their health and looks just by eating right, which is why I love my job so much. One of the questions I'm often asked is, "What diet do you recommend?"Here’s my answer:

1) Eat as naturally as possible, i.e. avoid processed stuff and opt for simple and real food instead.

2) Eat as organically as possible, preferably locally grown produce.

3) Make sure you eat more raw than cooked food and more plants than animals.

4) Change your diet slowly and never force yourself to do something for which you're not ready.

5) Keep a food diary to find out what makes you feel and look better and what does not.

6) Be physically active and MOST IMPORTANTLY...

7) Use your common sense!

I know this sounds simple, but these are the building blocks on which I help my clients put together a sensible step-by-step guide. I've found that the simpler the instructions, the greater the chances are of sustainably changing your diet and lifestyle. By following these basic principles, clients slowly but surely cleanse their system and re-discover their food system, which tells them exactly what and how much food is good for them. If you really want to celebrate your birthday with a piece of sugar-laden cake, do so. When your body is mostly clean, it will automatically tell you how much is enough and what to eat next. Our mind is a powerful tool we can use to achieve the most amazing results. But if we do something which is not in line with our personal mindset, the consequences can be detrimental to our health—no matter how well we eat.

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