You chance upon this poster in the mall during the weekend. Your manager recommends you for a program. A friend enrolls you on this course. Your partner practicing this regularly stokes your interest for it. Your various trysts with meditation techniques and practices create a wonderful excitement about the entire space.  Fancy books, brisk videos on YouTube, some intellectual discussion over dinner and coffee finally land you in a meditation program sometimes.

You would have realized by now that there is this intimate space inside you which is longing to experience this transcendence. A lot of thought and effort has gone on your end to try everything on the rack but somehow you’ve failed to establish a connection. Here are certain affirmations to put to rest the impediments to meditation, as you embark on this enthralling journey:

#A State of Mind

When you go to sleep, you let go of everything about yourself. Your mind, your roles, your commitments, your thoughts! Otherwise, you cannot rest! Meditation requires a similar state of mind. Drop everything that your mind clutches on to. When you let go of all these tendencies, meditation happens as effortlessly as pearls glide on the necklace.  Drop everything for the next few minutes when you are in that state of bliss. “Everybody wants to do meditation. Our outward impressions are so strong that we fail to realize that we exist within”, shares Prajakti Deshmukh, a senior meditation trainer with The Art of Living. The key to the inner world is effortlessness. And effortlessness is effortless when you drop everything.

#Conviction and Faith

Did you realize that quiet confidence within you when you believed in yourself? It is a strong ray of light, which has a laser like impact. When you believe, the strength comes naturally. And this applies to meditating too. Just like a weaver affectionately weaves on his handloom, we have to approach meditation with a deep sincerity and conviction. A conviction that it will happen and it will have a beneficial impact on you.

#The Trickster

Your mind is a very wily trickster. You need no introduction on it. Hundreds of excuses will pop up telling why you shouldn’t meditate. Shielding your mind to these trappings and conditioning your mind to meditate is a skillful way to make your life easier. It is a challenging task but an awareness of the same will make it much easier. You need to condition your mind in such a way – “Come what may, I will sit with my eyes closed for the next 20 minutes”.

Guided meditations can be of immense help here as they help you establish a flow and allow you to sit still with your eyes closed. Learning the Sahaj Samadhi meditation through a certified trainer helps you drop the concepts of meditation and lead you into the mind space. “Meditation was nice but my practice went irregular. But when I started pushing myself to meditate regularly, I could see myself evolving more and growing more”, says Santosh, a Management Consultant with a leading petroleum giant.

If you are reading an article about meditation, you surely have time to meditate. Think of all those minutes you waste every day on the internet while otherwise you can definitely fit in 20 minutes here or there to give your life a boost! Mahatma Gandhi quotes, “I am so busy today that I will meditate two hours instead of one.”

#Prepare to Meditate

Meditation is not a mere task. When you sit to meditate, it isn’t a crammed up time between two of your schedules. The 20 minutes of time you invest in your meditation is not equivalent to the waiting time while the dinner is being prepared. We need to get our body and mind to a state to start meditating. It is advisable to do some physical exercises like yoga postures, Surya namaskars and some stretches, which help your body to warm up and settle down to sit still. Experts advise that you start your meditation with a pranayama. 

Pranayamas (Breathing techniques) help regulate the prana (life-force) flow in body, which in turn allows you to settle down and start meditating. Additionally, these techniques help you flush the toxins and stresses, which are released during our meditation.

#A Sacred Process

When you see a statue of Mahavira or Lord Buddha in meditation, there is a sacred aura that encircles us. School kids wear a uniform so that they feel that they observe a feeling of responsibility and duty towards education. Meditation is a very sacred process. Give your skin a feeling of sanctity as you sit to meditate. Take a shower, change into a fresh pair of clothes and then sit down to meditate. If you are outside and can’t shower, it is alright. But you should avoid using this as an excuse to meditate. Using a mat which you do not use for anything else will get your mind into a zone of meditation. It is also advisable to sit for a meditation with an empty stomach. The best time to meditate is before your meals.

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