Yoga has a way of making every muscle in your body feel alive and awakened. The correctness of pose, the ease of movement is crucial for an enriching yoga experience. Therefore, choosing the right texture of fabric that gives you the most comfort can be considered just as important as mastering your breathing during the work out.

The mind-blowingly versatile and athletic yoga wear can enhance any woman's wardrobe. You may find yourself coordinating your yoga outfit more than your office ones. So, how do you chose what to wear?

Fret not we have here some tips that will make sure that neither you nor your pants are bent out of shape.

Pant Length: it is a matter of both comfort and function. So don’t stop yourself from trying on variety of lengths to see what fits your taste the most. Careful though, avoid pants that lag too long. They might get caught in your ankles and cause discomfort.

Comfort comes first: make sure you avoid pants that are not stretchy enough at the thigh region, as they are quite uncomfortable. Also, their constant contact can cause rashes.

Waist worries: Most yoga pant waist are made for comfort, most of them have an elastic band over an already stretchy material, so chose a waist you find most comfortable. But they may stir up trouble as these pants can slide up and down when you change your position often. Solution? Try string drawn pants. If you are not sure of the elasticity, they are your best bet.

Style it up: Prints are all the rage now and everyone wants to hop on that trend. As long as it has good stretchabilty, and a clear breathing space for your skin, you have freedom to choose whatever pattern and style you want.

Go for darker colors: when picking cotton or poly-cotton pants, light colors tend to show sweat stains more, so always go for darker shades. But with synthetic materials, chill and go totally gaga over every style and pattern out there. 

Yoga pants aren’t just for yoga. So, pick a durable material which is both comfortable and maintainable.

For your day to day lifestyle, go for a color that works best with your closet. It doesn’t hurt when you can go straight from yoga to an outing and your friends don’t even notice it.

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