Before trying the below advice, consult your doctor. Get clearance before doing any exercise.

Let’s talk about the benefits of exercising during pregnancy and what exercises can you do - 

1. Health reasons 

By exercising you release endorphins that help in relieving backaches and toning the muscles of the muscles. It also helps in reducing constipation, preventing wear and tear on the joints. With all these benefits, you also are able to sleep better by relieving all the stress and anxiety. 

2. Looking better and being fit

Exercises increase the blow flow in your body, promoting collagen production and new skin cells which makes the skin glow!

Other benefits according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) of exercising during pregnancy can lead to a lower incidence of - 

Types of exercises - 

First trimester -

During the first trimester, it is a great chance to do a quick and energizing strengthen routine.

You can include this in your everyday workout routine

  • Squat and press ( use light weights only)
  • Reverse lunge and bicep curl
  • Single-arm row and Tricep kickback 
  • Bird Dog
  • Side plank crunches
  • Pelvic floor exercises

You can alternate between these with a full-body easy cardio workout, especially for pregnant women or yoga classes. For personal training during your workouts, check out Personal Training sessions by Fitternity for cardio, yoga, and other fitness forms. You can select the place of workout - indoor or outdoor and get personalized workouts for you! Use code: fitart5 for an additional discount. 

Second trimester

For the second trimester, your focus should be on strengthening your postural muscles. 

The following routine can be followed - 

  • Curl and press
  • Bent over fly
  • Single-arm row
  • Alternating forward raise

This is a good time to start yoga classes but to make sure you are not overstraining your body and following an instructor who is aware of your pregnancy. Check out yoga classes online/offline via Fitternity or Personal Training Yoga Classes. 

Third trimester

You should avoid exercises that involve jogging, skipping, jumping, and others for excess pressure on your body. 

Exercises you can do - 

  • Walking or light jogging for cardiovascular health
  • Low exercises like yoga/pilates
  • Bodyweight and toning movements - squats, wall sits, beginner planks, and more.

Taking care of your fitness and health during pregnancy is very important for both, your child and you! Make every moment count in your pregnancy and get personalized workouts just for you with Personal Training by Fitternity. 

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