Have you ever wondered why we are taught to drink water evenly throughout the day? Why do our parents keep on telling us to stay hydrated throughout our day? The simple answer is to stay hydrated and give our body the necessary hydration to carry out our daily tasks. Let’s read more to know about HOW much water or HOW you drink the water is important!

Water is a very important component of our body and helps us in various metabolic processes. If had in the right quantities through the day and in the right way, it can give various physical and mental benefits. Staying hydrated can help you avoid getting fatigued and lethargic. With so much importance around WHY we should drink water, the major question still remains as HOW should we drink water and can there be any mistakes?

Here are a few common mistakes that you can avoid while drinking water:

Sip your water and do not gulp it down

We all know that drinking water and staying hydrated is important but gulping the water down is surely not going to benefit you. You should sip your water and allow it to mix with your saliva resulting in the nourishment of cells in your body as the water passes down. When you gulp your water, the impurities that have to be thrown out of the body get deposited in your kidney and bladders. Hence, you should sip your water which will result in strengthening your digestive system thus boosting your metabolism.

Don’t stand and drink water

Why do people often tell us to sit and drink water? Why are we advised to avoid standing and drinking water? It is because when you stand and drink water you don’t get the nutrients that would help in the nourishment of your cells as water passes through the body. When you stand and drink water, the water is just passing down your body and not actually reaching the muscles, joints and the organs that it is supposed to reach. Hence, standing water and drinking water can be bad and give us some negative effects in the long run.

Should you drink water before or after the meal?

Ah, this is very important and the most discussed at any household. When you drink water before your meal, you tend to get full and compromise on your food. There is a reason as to why you eat food i.e to get the required nutrition and energy to work throughout the day. Hence, when you drink water before your meal, you are not giving enough nutrition to your body and filling your stomach by drinking water before your meals. Whereas, it is not advisable to drink water even after your food as it can affect your digestion. You are already full and letting the food digest nicely in your body to get the required nutrients and drinking water will just disturb the digestion pattern and make you feel uneasy. 

Are you drinking too much water?

Overdoing anything is always harmful. Drinking excessive water can be very harmful and lead to problems like bloating, water retention, puffiness and swelling due to water retention and low sodium levels in your body. Thus, making it more complicated for the human body.

Do you drink water before and after your workout?

Do you really drink water before and after working out? If not, then you should definitely make it a habit to drink water before and after the workout as it can lead to headaches. It has been advised to drink water 30-45 minutes before your workout, during the workout and after your workout to keep yourself hydrated.


We all have always been told to drink as much water as possible to get a clear skin, healthy body and aid in weight loss. But, after reading the article I am sure you would have understood that water is good but doing too much is always harmful. It's very important to get enough water for your body but overdoing it can be bad. It’s true that drinking less water can lead to dehydration but overhydration can have serious health effects. If you would have made it till now, then definitely try and have some control over your water intake.

Drink Water. Stay Hydrated. And Do Not Over Hydrate Yourself!

So drink away, but without going overboard, because water does a body good!

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