Always wondered where to start from? Always wanted to try something new but never could? Tired of the same old Fitness routine? Would like to change your boring routine into a not so boring one? This New Year’s spice it up with Fitternity’s easy access to different forms of Fitness starting at INR 999/- only

1.Circuit House:
What could be a better deal for 30 sessions of Cross-Functional Training with a validity of 2 Months? With Circuit House train yourself to be better than yesterday!
Location: Kalyan Nagar
Category: Cross-Functional Training
Per Session Cost: INR 200
30 Sessions: INR 999

2.Chaos Faktory:
Do you like jumping and hoping off buildings? Ever heard of Parkour in your day to day life or just in movies and ads? What if we it can be made into a regular fitness routine? Time to bring in some real Parkour in your life rather than just in reel.
Location: HSR Layout
Category: Parkour
4 Sessions: INR 999

3.Akshar Yoga Koramangala:
Akshar Yoga believes fitness is not only about keeping yourself physically fit but it’s also about mental fitness. It’s the best way to channelize your energy and bring to peace to yourself.
Location: Koramangala
Category: Yoga
Per Session Cost: INR 180
10 Sessions: INR 999

4.T99 Fitness Transformation:
A state of the art facility that caters from gym to sports conditioning to functional fitness to Group X classes. T99 Fitness helps you to truly transform.
Location: Banaswadi
Category: Gym
Per Session Cost: INR 400
10 Sessions: INR 999

5.Aero Fitness Centre Koramangala:
It’s fitness heaven with the best of the Aerobics classes. A place where fun dance aerobics is made even more fun with different props used in our day to day life.
Location: Koramangala
Category: Aerobics
Per Session Cost: INR 180
10 Sessions: INR 999

6.Maniac Lads :
Knock yourself with some Functional Training.  Here they aim to make the workout routine fun, intense & challenging.
Location: CV Raman Nagar & Whitefield
Category: Functional Training
Per Session Cost: INR 390
7 Sessions: INR 999

7.Equilibrium Climbing Station:
Here is a chance for you to grab onto a pair of climbing shoes more often than before. With this one of a kind indoor-climbing station, maybe now you can think of rock climbing as your routine exercise?
Location: Indiranagar
Category: Rock Climbing
Per Session Cost: INR 399
4 Sessions: INR 999

8.Slam Lifestyle and Fitness Studio:
A place where champions train to become champions, this is all where the magic happens. A fitness temple that caters end to end from your muscle requirements to your dietary requirements. 
Location: Indiranagar
Category: Gym
Per Session Cost: INR 150
10 Sessions: INR 999

9.F45 Training:
Train with the very best. This brand makes exercises a lot more fun than just a regular routine. Wouldn’t it be cool to do something new every day?
Location: HSR Layout, Indiranagar & Whitefield
Category: Cross-Functional Training
Per Session Cost: INR 240
5 Sessions: INR 1499

10.CrossFit ZOH:
The magic is in the movements. Workouts are different every day and modified to help each athlete achieve their goals. Forget about traveling for hours to get to a decent Cross-Functional Training Box when amazing one is just around the corner.
Location: Bellandur
Category: Cross-Functional Training
Per Session Cost: INR 500
4 Session: INR 999

11.Goodlife Fitness:
Why stop at just gym sessions, when there are others forms of fitness as well? A perfect place to relax after a heavy workout with toning tables and post workout massage which will help you calm your heavy muscles. Get yourself a complete studio membership including gym and other group activities.
Location: Kalyan Nagar
Category: Studio Membership
10 Sessions: INR 1499

12.Rooftop Yoga:
This is the ultimate destination for perfect ambiance and awesome vibe. Kickstart your year with mind relaxing Yoga.
Location: Koramangala
Category: Yoga
Per Session Cost: INR 180
10 Sessions: INR 1499

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