I know you would have already yawned reading the subject or probably made a groaning sound. Here is a little push for you to get out of your bed, draw that mat and practise morning yoga and prepare your mind and body for a positive day ahead!

Given the current situation, a lot of us are spending a lot of time at home and nothing can be better than spending morning time with yourself performing some morning yoga. Do you still feel sleepy after waking up? Or are you still having low energy levels as you move out of the bed? Then you should definitely practise morning yoga. The end goal of morning yoga is to help you to have a connection with your mind and body and become more flexible. You can perform yoga at any point of time in the day but incorporating yoga in your daily morning routine can definitely help you to get out of the bed and get you moving for the day ahead. 

But the major question still remains as to why morning yoga is beneficial? 

Take it this way- When you sleep after a tough day, your muscles also relax while you sleep. Hence, when you get up and start your day with morning yoga, the stretches that you perform while doing yoga will help you to reactivate your muscles and feel energised. You can perform morning yoga for weight loss, for increased energy levels and improved brain functions.

Read more about the Benefits of Morning Yoga that will set a tone for your morning routine!

  1. Helps to improve strength and flexibility: Yoga not only helps you to improve your physical and mental health but also helps in strength, balance and flexibility. Specific morning yoga poses help you to target specific areas of your body helping you to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. Practising yoga can help you to tone, train and stretch your muscles boosting the overall flexibility of your body. 
  2. Good mental health: We all have realised the importance of having a good mental and physical health. Research has proved that performing yoga can help you to control your stress and anxiety levels as it controls the secretion of the ‘stress hormone’. The beauty of yoga is that it can help you to get back on track if you woke up worried and stressed. While performing yoga, you even have a control on the breathing process which can be very useful in the morning as it reduces stress and allows you to focus on your goals and plan for the day. Morning yoga can help you to enter that peace and relaxation zone allowing the body to be calm and composed. I would definitely request you to include morning yoga in your daily routine as it can help you to start your day with positivity and happiness.
  3. Helps to ease out that body pain: It is very common to have back pain, joint pain, body pain, neck pain etc due to wrong postures. Morning yoga can definitely help you to reactivate and stretch those muscles to ease out that body pain and have a great kick start to your day. Nothing is better than starting your day with full of energy and positivity.
  4. Improved heart rate: A healthy heart demands a healthy lifestyle. As per the research, yoga can be very beneficial for the heart and can help you avoid a lot of heart diseases. Since morning yoga helps to control the secretion of the stress hormone which is a factor that contributes to heart disease, one should definitely incorporate yoga into their morning routine as nothing can beat a healthy heart.

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I hope this would definitely motivate you to get out of the bed and pull that mat to perform some crazy asanas to kickstart your morning. Perform yoga and stay healthy! 

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