Resolutions are always fun until it comes down to actually sticking to them. We love the idea of the New Year bringing a New You with a new gym regime and new diet plan.

But let’s face it – how long does that really last? 

Halfway through February, the occasional cupcake finds its way to you. By the time it’s March, you’ve forgotten what the insides of your gym looks like.     

You’re not alone. This pattern is common to just about everyone who makes a ‘I Will Get Fit This Year!’ resolution. Maybe it’s the monotony of routine, or you just get lazy. As your enthusiasm dies down, so does your commitment.

Well don’t lose hope yet though – we’ve got some tricks – life hacks, if you will, up our sleeve. Here’s how you can make 2016 your year indeed.

1. Get Real!
Why do you want to get fit? What is your ultimate goal? Why are you signing up for a CrossFit class that demands all your day’s energy at 8 PM? Answer these questions to yourself, and be clear on your goals. Then, recollect this conversation every time you’re feeling de-motivated. If you remember why you started, you will remember that you have to finish.

2. Take Baby Steps
Even little progress is better than no progress. For the days that you don’t manage to get to your Kalaripayattu class at 7 PM, go for walk around your neighbourhood!

3. Be Your Own Cheerleader
Hold your horses, we only mean having a sense of pride. Feel confident about your body, take pride in the inches you’ve lost and track your progress! Have a positive sense of self and boost your spirit as often as you can.

4. Make Life Easy!
Don’t sign up for a class that requires you to travel out of your way, or is at an inconvenient time. Make your life simpler by finding one that’s on your way home from work. That way, you can always convince yourself to make that pit-stop as opposed to having to push yourself to drive 5 kms to the gym.

5. Work Smart, Not Just Hard
It’s great that you want to lose 20 kgs, but we hope you know it’s gonna take a while. Break your targets up into smaller goals – try eliminating sugar from your diet first, then ease into a workout plan. Once you’ve dropped your first few inches, aim higher and allow your body to transition easily. 

6. Two’s Company!
There will be days when you are pumped, and days when you will need to be pumped. Face it: it’s not possible to be enthusiastic 365 days a year. This is when having a workout partner helps. There’s nothing like a friend to help balance you out. Just choose wisely!

7. Haggle Queens
Sure, we’re all Indians. We love a good bargain. But it’s time to quit entertaining that conversation that starts with, “I’ll just eat another gulab jamun now and workout twice as much later.” Trust us, that later will never happen. When you find your mind slipping an indulgent conversation, distract yourself and don’t succumb to the old bargaining trick!

8. “Cheater, cheater, cheater
Yes, cheat. Your body needs a Sunday just as much as your mind does. It makes more sense to plan these cheat days in advance, so you don’t slip up entirely. You will be twice as motivated to work out after a scheduled cheat day, knowing that you’ve had your share of fun and need to balance it out.

9. Eye of the Tiger
Put on Rocky, turn the volume up on your favourite song or simply look back at those college pictures of yourself when you were “so thin”. Motivate yourself from within and let the rush of adrenalin take over and turn into steady momentum!

10. Shake It Up!
The reason you’re no longer as excited about Capoiera by July as you were in January is because it’s not thrilling anymore. It is human nature to lose enthusiasm about tried and tested things. Before you get stuck in a rut, add variations to your workout. Choose a different route when you go running, or integrate Pilates into your yoga workout.

11. Catch the Fitmania Fever
Fitmania is about getting the best exercise, diet and wellness plan for you (and man, the prices are a steal)! Delve in different activities like Zumba and Yogalates and get hooked to a regime from the best personal trainers, nutritionists, healthy tiffins and more! Once you’ve caught the fever, it’s gonna be hard to let go!
You know it’s about time you made ‘New Year, New Me’ stuff a reality, and not just something you say every New Year’s Eve. Come back to this list every time you’re feeling de-motivated, or ask us for more tips! All you need to do is visit our website: