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JG's Fitness Centre

Santacruz West


Gopal Bhuvan, 5th Floor, Near Poddar School, Tagore Road, Above Bhargava Nursing Home, Santacruz West, 400054

Activities Available
68 Reviews
Activities Available
JG's Fitness Centre is permanently closed
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Rating & Reviews (68)
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Reviews (68)
5.0Ashish Virmani
a year ago

JG's had nice machines and a nice ambience. And the supervisors were very helpful the day I went. When I requested a locker for my valuables before the workout the lady trainer Nidhi helped me get one. I left with a good feeling, which was great!

4.0Vaishnavi Narendra Gajinkar
2 years ago

some warm ups would be advisable. it felt like direct waking up to dancing from sleep.

2.0samah v
2 years ago

While the intention of the trainer/owner is go push people her attitude was derogatory and unkind. it was my first time there and I saw her belittle another first timer for not being able to match the pace of the class. such an attitude can push students towards injury. the facility in itself is well mainted, but the trainer with her poor posture and poorer attitude has passed on her rudeness even to the staff that was quietly unwelcoming. sure, one can get used to an unfriendly teacher, we're not here to become best friends but an exercise class should be uplifting. we were made to do 5p suryanamaskars nonstop after a ruthless spinning class and she was unhappy with almost everyone including me for not brining a mat to a spinning class. please go into the class with thick skin and pushing yourself in a manner comfortable to you

2.0Rajvi Malbari
2 years ago

incorrect information - description says anti gravity using hammock. it's just plain normal yoga

3 years ago

She did not took the session only. Total waste

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About JG's Fitness Centre

JG's Fitness offers the most superior fitness equipment with thorough and sound fitness knowledge to the members. With the help of dedicated and certified trainers, nutritional counseling and state of the art infrastructure. They aim to maximize the potential of their members towards achieving their goals. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, just workout, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular health and in the process improve the quality of your life and well-being, they are there with you all the way.

"They are only as good as our members and that's why, they're committed to improving your fitness experience, resulting in a Stronger, Healthier, Fitter, More Inspired and Motivated YOU".

Spinning Bikes have to be Booked in Advance for all Spinning classes including Spin-Yoga Class.

Cancellation is allowed upto 1 hour prior class.

Non-Attendance of class after booking amounts to a fine of Rs. 500/- to be paid before coming to the next class.

Non-Adherence of the above mentioned rules can result in Suspension from all Group X classes for a month.


This class introduces you to the foundations of STOTT PILATES, equipment and props used, review your physical health, postural alignment and mind-body awareness, identify modifications or issues to be mindful of in your practice and provide tailored recommendations for classes or services to address concerns such as pain management or post-rehabilitation.

2. Athletic Conditioning & Interval Training -

This class focuses on conditioning & performance using high-intensity interval training pushing you to the limits .this class will use a variety of equipment,including the Reformer, TRX, Bosu, Bands, Medicine Ball and more. 

3. Cardio Pilates -

Work up a sweat while sculpting the entire body. This intense and dynamic Matwork class incorporates squats, lunges, and other conditioning and /or High Intensity exercises, using a variety of resistance training equipment.

4. Yoga Power and Pilates -

An athletic-intensity class suitable for active clients with a strong foundation in Yoga and Pilates. This  fast paced matwork class takes you through a dynamic, full-body workout focusing on stability and coordination and muscle tone, challenging each component of fitness.

5. Yoga Blast -

Challenge your Yoga practice by incorporating the spring-loaded Reformer. This class promotes core stability, strength and endurance, as well as works on the cardiovascular system and flexibility.

6. Ultimate Core Blast -

This class focuses on conditioning and strengthening your Core, resulting in a powerful and stable Centre.

7. Back Strength -

Develop the powerhouse of your body. The Core and strengthen the musculature of weak back muscles and any imbalances if any.

8. Strong Knees -

Mobilize and unload the knee joint by developing powerful Core and lower body muscles.

9. Active Aging & Post Rehab -

Develop and challenge core strength and improve stability and balance, with exercises that activate muscles and mobilize joints.

Additional Information

  • The Security Access System is designed to ensure that non-members, and other authorized persons, do not enter the premises. 
  • This is for the members protection as well as allowing extended hours for members convenience. 
  • It is imperative that the Security Access System be utilized correctly and consistently for the protection of all. 
  • Any breach in these procedures will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination of membership. 
  • The security access pass card keyed door must not be opened for any person, at a time, regardless of the reason, if the person does not have an Active Pass Card, he/she does not have the right to enter. 
  • This is for the safety and protection of all patrons and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. 
  • Only one person may enter the premises at a time. 
  • The door must be closed completely behind you before the next person can be their card. 
  • Tampering with controls or monitor avoidance is not permitted. 
  • Unannounced card checks may be conducted by JGs Fitness at any time, at the discretion of management.

Read the following instructions carefully before putting your signature in the application form
  • No person under the age of 15 years will be allowed to become a member of the gym.
  • People suffering from any communicable diseases are not permitted to use the gym facilities. 
  • Pets, Attendants. Bearers, Drivers. Servants or Associates are not permitted in the gym. 
  • JGs Fitness is an integrated health center and the time you spend here should be dedicated to your health. 
  • Should you indulge in much other activity, the authority has a right to take action. 
  • Fees once received non-refundable under any circumstances. 
  • Management reserves the right to terminate membership without any prior information 
  • Management is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings Gym membership is non-transferable. 
  • Right of admission is strictly reserved. Guests will be allowed only with a bonafide member 
  • Members must produce their membership card before they enter the gym. 
  • The security personnel at the entry point has the full right to ask for your card. 
  • Management reserves the right of membership cancellation of any person(s) whose character, attitude or conduct if demonstrated is found unacceptable. Use of cell phones is prohibited in the gym, However, if you do so please put them on silent mode and deposit them at the reception desk. I
  • n case of an emergency, please take your phone outside the gym. 
  • Appropriate attire must be worn in the JGs Fitness premises (athletic / sports clothing. sports socks and athletic footwear etc.). 
  • Separate gym shoes are mandatory. As etiquettes, bare chest is not permissible inside the gym. 
  • Outside shoes are strictly not allowed. 
  • Members are expected to respect the right of other members and never disturb them in any manner, whatsoever. Improper use of equipment may result in termination of membership. 
  • Members will have to bear any physical damage they incur to club property they use. 
  • Smoking, drinking and use of tobacco or drugs is strictly prohibited in the gym premises. 
  • Photography and videos are also prohibited. regulations). 
  • JGs Fitness ensures maximum security to members (kindly refer to security instructions / Vehicle parking is at owners risk.

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