CrossFit 7 Seas

Kandivali East


Vishnu Shivam Mall, 2nd Floor, Unit 2, Thakur Village, Mumbai, Kandivali East, 400102

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Workouts Available

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About CrossFit 7 Seas

Crossfit 7 Seas is a premium crossfit training gym in Kandivali East, Mumbai. With top notch equipments they have workouts that include kettlebell, cardio and olympic lifting.

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Reviews (38)
Shobhnna R Trripaathi
12 days ago

I took screen shots of the reviews of some of the gyms and realised that Justin Jockim, Ashish, Chaitanya Joshi, Sherina Maben, Vikram, Raghav Jain are not actually the gym members and there are few other too, whose screenshot l have. It's probably a great scam by fitternity to lure people to buy membership of their featured gyms by posting fake reviews. Same people by same name on same dates have written reviews for different gyms and they can't deny as l already have proof of it. Probably other reviews are fake too. That's how shit places like Crossfit7seas get promoted and when you are tortured by such gym you receive no help. Most members choose to quit quitely as they may not like to interact with downgraded people like management of Crossfit7seas. To all the men being instructed by Crossfit7seas to write a review here l hope you have a mother or a sister back home if you do then please don't write a review here and support them. To all the women being instructed by Crossfit7seas to write a review here if it has not happened with you it doesn't mean it can't happen to other women so please don't write a review here and support them. HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT REMOVED VEDHARTH THAPPA ? SHAME ON FITTERNITY THAT ITS HELPING PEOPLE LIKE YOU. These people also got removed two negative reviews put out by their clients Nishadi Sule and Akanksha Tyagi especially by Nishadi who had similar experiences as mine. Well, l do have those reviews with me and can share them with anyone looking out to read them. Vedharth Thappa by now l know your and your family/ friends standard l knew how low you can go. People who have bought new membership beware they will eat away your money and not refund you if the lockdown happens/gets extended. They expected the same from their earlier clients expecting them to forgo their money and buy a new membership.  You can imagine how downgraded these people are by the fact that to hide their own acts in their response to the government committee where l had complained about them they wrote that l was drunk at a party organised by the gym and had to be escorted and sent home by a cab whereas l was in my complete senses and came back home on my own luckily l had my cab bookings with me and could prove them wrong else imagine to what extent they could have damaged me.  If such people are roaming around free is all thanks to the women they have around them who are also liers like them. Megha Jeswani came in only at the end of the same party whereas in the statement Rishi Solanki wrote that he was there with her all throughout. All this proves the whole gang of friends and family are a bunch of liars who for their own benefit can go to any extent. You can read whole details below. Vedharth Thappa that place is witness to the insult and humiliation l went through it will never let you flourish. People reading this review please write to me at l will share my experience with you, my review is being removed again and again as l am exposing the way they treat their client. You can also read the review of Nishadi who had a similar experience as mine whose screenshot I have as her review has been removed from here. The gym is a shit place to be at. Vedharth Thappa you have money to get your gym featured to hide your truth?  The reviews put out here are from their family, friends, and some blind loyal followers. The fact that after I posted the genuine review here suddenly there was a splurge of reviews pouring in in one day and the owner himself has to come and post a review simply proves l am speaking the truth and there's full proof attempt to hide the truth. Dear Tanay Purii, Tihir, Abhinav, Harsh have you seen Megha Jeswani in the gym?   Girls, please join this gym if you are ready to become a sexual object for Thappa Family and Friends else if you refuse to entertain them you will be threatened, humiliated, and abused. You can copy this link to hear out how Vedharth Thappa speaks :   Else on YouTube, you can just type "Shobhana Tripathi" and you will get the link to hear out how Vedharth Thappa interacts with his female clients. So it simply means the girl has to either agree to keep on entertaining his friends or she has to get kicked out because, in the end, all proofs are with him and not her. The audio also proves that such incidents keep happening at the gym but are always hidden, all thanks to Vedharth Thappa's loyal followers.  Thank you Nishadi for supporting me. I appreciate your courage. It's an act of bravery to come out in open and speak against them. Mine and your action will save many girls from experiencing the same. And we never know how many before us would have had the same experience but couldn't raise their voice. You can read my review on google too. They are too good at hiding proofs and manipulating/gaslighting people. They hire their own friends and family as employees as that makes it easier for them to have fun and play up with women. They would gang rape for the sake of their brotherhood, in fact, mine was no different, it was a mental gang rape and they declared me a liar, a drunkard, and a mentally ill person who imagines things, and proved that l am a bad character. To save their coach Rishi Solanki they used a great mental tactic of defaming me amidst all coaches that eventually I become miserable and uncomfortable and leave. They think their gym members are their property whom they can treat as they wish. The gym owner Vedharth Thappa thinks he owns the world and gym members are his slaves who are supposed to behave as he wishes them to and follow his orders. The whole family and friends gang up against you to prove you mad and characterless. The funny part is women related to them lie and protect them by giving them a clean character certificate. During the investigation of the sexual harassment case filed against their coach Rishi Solanki ( who is gym owner Vedharth Thappa's childhood friend ), Rishi Solanki's girlfriend Megha Jeswani proclaimed in her official written statement ( which l have of her )to the government body ( where I had complained about them ) that she used to come to the gym to meet him that's how she knows me. I think I should take a poll of gym members from 2018-19 and check everyone's eyesight and memory because I never saw her. And every gym member can vouch for the fact that she was never a member of the gym and never came to the gym to meet him. Instead, Rishi Solanki used to speak against her in the gym about how she doesn't understand him as being a cusp her zodiac sign doesn't match with him, etc. just to gather sympathy for himself. During one such occasion, even the gym owner's mother Mrs. Reetu Thappa was present and supported Rishi's claim about his girlfriend, but to save her son's gym and his friend she lied about having any such conversation when the government authority questioned her about the incident. They also hid all the proofs from police to close the case. These people destroyed CCTV footage which could have proven my accusations levied against him. The other fact is Megha Jeswani saw me when her so-called boyfriend was staring at me ( which I used to experience in the gym too ) at a party organized by the gym. The accused used to deliberately ask questions to me during classes to force me to talk to him and humiliate me as l couldn't answer him, despite being warned once to stay away from me. The accused would pass flirtatious comments during classes and had also started passing comments on my slowness and body flexibility. He would click my pictures on the sly but l didn't know how to react in those moments. As most girls can't express when they experience such kind of sexual harassment so did l and most guys know that a girl for the sake of her dignity won't speak up and sometimes such guys even lead them on to eventually prove the girl mad and characterless and that's what happened to me when l was experiencing all this. I was completely unaware of the mental game being played and didn't knew how to act or react to what I was experiencing every day. When l had expressed displeasure on Rishi Solanki's behavior towards me. He took advantage of the fact that gym owner Vedharth Thappa is his childhood friend, and leaked my conversation with him to Gym Owner Vedharth Thappa. Vedharth Thappa without calling me for any formal meeting or asking me anything, checked all CCTV footages overnight and defamed me amidst whole management and coaches, and had threatened me that my membership will be terminated if I spoke to the accused. Not only that he asked me some uncomfortable questions when I called him for a meeting on this matter to express my displeasure as to how they can treat me like this. There was no proper protocol or investigation done. As Rishi was his childhood friend they overnight destroyed all evidence against him. l can prove that with an audio chat I have of him where you can hear Vedharth Thappa threatening me. Having no support in the city l couldn't take action against them on time by the time l took action all evidence was removed and witnesses were manipulated. And because of Virus, the further procedure couldn't be done.  Vedharth Thappa ask those questions to your own mother and other women in the family they will tell you how they want a man to look at them. I hope Rishi Solanki assessed the women in your family too the same way he assessed me "like a coach"? Isn't it? Another owner Janshruth Thappa once forcibly stopped me from entering the gym and talking to Mrs. Reetu Thappa or anyone else. Mrs. Reetu Thappa instead of speaking to me ran inside the gym by the order of her son Janshruth. She seems like quite an obedient mother. Just because I caught Rishi Solanki in his acts many times and told Rishi about it, they all ganged up against me to make me uncomfortable, all coaches would make my fun in sly and would talk rudely with me. I was the butt of the joke for them. To escape this humiliation I asked them to refund my money or let me transfer my membership but they denied it. They humiliated me in the meeting and forced me to write an email stating that I have a personal issue, and warned me that I won't post about this anywhere. Especially their partner Raghu L Chindalkar is the dirtiest of them all, he has a throat to shout at the highest pitch at a girl who is alone and scared. RL Chindalkar consider yourself lucky that you met me in my vulnerable moments else l have the capacity to chop off the tongue of men like you. After moving out of the gym when this experience started disturbing me mentally I took action against them. Their actions have completely displayed what kind of women gave birth to them and the upbringing they were given. If anyone wishes to take action against them l will support you in my full capacity. They may hide physical evidence/lie but KARMA spares no one. Their Aplha7Seas has already closed down and I am waiting for the great news of CrossFit7Seas closing down too, they be begging in public. Every single person involved in harming us will have to PAY for their actions in the worst ways. The way they treated me and Nishadi every single woman related to them will go through the worst experience than us. People who wish to complain against them please write to me on the above-given email l will direct you on how to do so. Please don't be scared of them, and act before these hyenas eat away your daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives. A message to Mrs. Reetu Thappa, who very conveniently claimed that she is like a mother to me. Thank you, madam, I am grateful that you are nowhere near my mother if you would have known what it means to mother a daughter you would have given birth to one. l regret giving you so many free healing sessions and respecting you. A woman who can stoop down to such a low level to save her sons can never be my mother. I guess your sons inherited your qualities. The tone that you used on me use that tone on your sons, l am a self respecting girl and don't take anybody's nonsense.The mudslinging that the whole family did about me in the gym I should have done that long back about your family and shown the real face to the world. I wasted my time in following proper procedure, instead should have exposed you people in public, the filthiest people I had ever met.Lying, Gaslighting, Humiliating Others, Cowardice, and other filthy qualities are traits of your family and not mine. I stand tall in my TRUTH and INTEGRITY, I don't require your validation to prove me right.

Anurag Sharma
a month ago

Best Place to learn how to be fit !... Cool Trainers and Awesome Vibe ..

Justin Jockim
2 months ago

Always used to consider fitness routine as a boring sport, however have changed my opinion after joining this place. It rocks.

2 months ago

Feel energised through out the day after spending an hour or two at the place, it has a lot of positive energy.

Chaitanya Joshi
2 months ago

I am visiting this fitness centre from past weeks. I quite like their trainers and their activities. The staff is very enthusiastic and hardworking they not only listen to their client's demand but even keeps them motivated while working out. 100 percent recommended.

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