A fitness form for anyone and everyone who loves getting fit by grooving to the upbeat music. Zumba is a high-intensity workout that works on muscle toning, calorie burning, balance and flexibility dance fitness party.

Some of the top Zumba Classes you can book; Zumba by Sucheta Pal, Zumba with Manish Gohil & many more

Aerial Yoga:

This form of yoga has been gaining traction for a while, and let us tell you, it is worth all the hype. Aerial Yoga is like normal yoga but with a twist, the twist being you get to do yoga on a cloth hammock hanging from the ceiling. Developed by a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer Christopher Harrison, aerial yoga is one of the fun ways to workout and stay fit and increase flexibility.

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Dance workout is one of those activities that is attractive to any age group. It tells us how working out and getting fit can be fun too! Dancing provides a great form of aerobic exercises that help in cardiovascular conditioning. Choose from a variety of dance styles, ballet to Bollywood.


The perfect workout if you are looking to beat the heat. Swimming helps build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Calories burnt: 400 - 900 calories in one hour depending on intensity.

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If your focus is to build strength and endurance, you have to give MMA a fair chance. MMA workout is designed to push your body to limits like no other sport. Weather you are looking to train for a fight or just for fun, MMA will help you get you into the best shape.


Pilates training comprises on exercises for a full body workout, though it mainly concentrates on the core, it trains the body as a whole to get fitter and stronger. In Pilates, the quality of your form and movement is given a lot more importance than the number of reps one can do.

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From increased strength to flexibility to heart health, yoga has it all. Most yoga studios and gyms offer classes for all age groups and fitness levels. One of the benefits of yoga is the number of yoga style you can choose from basis your fitness goal.


It is not doubted that everyone wants to live a fit healthy lifestyle, but sometimes the monotony of working out can get to you. Hence we have Aerobics to keep it interesting. Aerobics is an exercise that involves dance forms that are super fun and super effective if your goal is to lost weight and get fit.

Cross Functional Training:

Cross functional training is a type of strength and conditioning workout involving high-intensity functional movements. It uses your body weight for the workout eliminating the need for any additional equipment or added weights. Although some people might prefer using additional weights for certain movements.


Every time we decide to get fit, one of the first thing that comes to the mind is joining the gym, especially for someone who is a beginner to fitness. This is because while you figure out what you like and dislike, a gym can help you get there, with various pieces of equipment that are accessible and trainers to help you out, it is one of the ideal ways to start your fitness journey.

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Marathon Training

If your goal is to lose or maintain your weight and if running a marathon is on your bucket list, marathon training is the one for you. The biggest benefit of joining marathon training is that keeps you on a strict schedule, so you are more likely to stick to your training.

Spinning & Indoor cycling:

An excellent way to burn calories and distress. Spinning workout is done on a stationary cycle with various intensity levels. The bike tracks your progress to keep you motivated to accomplish your goal.

Aqua Fitness

The perfect workout for the water baby in you comes with a lot of benefits. Aqua Fitness builds cardio, strength, and resistance all while being easy on the joints and in a relaxing atmosphere! If you are concerned about not knowing how to swim, there is a good news, you don't need to.

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Pre-Natal Classes:

We are aware of the benefits of exercising but are skeptical when it comes to exercising during pregnancy. The benefits of moving more during pregnancy begin immediately and last your whole life. You can find a list of pre-natal classes conducted by experienced trainers on Fitternity for a seamless exercise routine during your pregnancy.

Kids Fitness:

Increase in interaction with technology, urbanized living, and academic pressure combined to create low rates of youth physical activity. But with fun fitness options for kids like  Zumba, Swimming, Dance and many more, fitness will become play. Check out Fitternity and explore various options available.

Personal Training

There are countless benefits of working out with a personal trainer.  People at any level of fitness or age group can see better and faster results. A personal trainer is certified to create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals. What makes it different from any other trainer? You get the undivided attention at all times.


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