There is a reason as to why we are advised to stay fit and healthy- It is to keep your body safe and away from all the diseases. It is really very tough to stay fit, very hard to stay consistent and lose weight, even hard to eat clean and healthy but do you know what’s more hard? To not feel good in your body, to not have a healthy mind and body, to not be happy with what you wear everyday- so choose your hard accordingly. 

Science has shown that staying physically fit helps us to stay active and helps us to fight diseases. This blog will shed light on how exercising can help us in reducing the risk associated with the novel coronavirus. Apart from staying fit and exercising, it is advisable to eat healthy and good food to boost your immunity and stay healthy during such tough times. 

Why are you being pressured to keep your body and your immune system strong? It is because boosting your immunity will help your body in various ways like reducing the inflammation and increasing the presence of innate immune cells in your body which will help in supporting the defence mechanism of your body. Now linking this to the importance of exercising will help you to regulate and control your immune system and thus reduce your risk of getting COVID-19. Though the novel coronavirus is inevitable, boosting the immune system will serve your body in the long run and will keep you protected for long. 

When we are talking about exercising it doesn’t have to be long workouts or something. You can simply go for a walk or a jog to keep your body active and healthy. It is not necessary for you to have a long and intense workout. You just need to have moderate bursts of workout to provide some range of benefits to your immune system and keep it strong. However, sudden physical bursts can lead to injuries or discomfort and can have adverse effects on the immune system of your body. Hence, don’t start working out immediately unless you are working out or exercising for a long time. 

Also, in these tough times, exercising can be a great way to boost your mental and physical health. You can also click here to read an article on 10 ways to boost your mental health. If you are an absolute beginner, you can click on the link below to access the following reads:

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So what are you waiting for? Get your workout mode on and start exercising. It is time to boost your immune system and protect yourself from the virus as much as we can by staying healthy and active. Stay home, stay safe and don’t forget to eat right okay?

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