Like most of the world, India has begun exploring the work from home (WFH) paradigm. Stats show that remote work has been well received, with WFH job searches skyrocketing over 442% between February and July — by far the highest mark globally. Employers have even begun noticing how remote work increases productivity and morale, and have been more open to offering WFH arrangements. And India’s millennial-heavy workforce is taking full advantage, leveraging WFH to continue earning amidst this global health crisis.

Indeed, working from home is a godsend, especially given the current health situation. But remote work does have some drawbacks. Writer James Gonzales’ 30 tips for WFH professionals notes how the setup makes going out seem less appealing, which means you’re likely not getting the recommended physical activity, which is crucial to keeping you fit, healthy, and productive. That said, you must set aside time for exercise on a daily basis, or at least 3 or 4 days a week, and then choose from a range of exercise programs, like bodyweight training and plyometric work. However, one practice that we do recommend, in particular, is the centuries-old Indian practice of yoga. Read on below to find out why:

1. It helps with holistic health development

There are various ways to view good health, though spiritual Sri Ravi Shankar explains: "Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life." The best kind of exercise in this regard is one that promotes better holistic health, and that's exactly what yoga can do. It's a holistic fitness package thanks to its combination of poses, pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. To get you started, we suggest you look at the 5 online classes we recommended previously, like Garima Bhandari or Anshuka Yoga.

2. It helps combat stress

Remote work can cause major stress. SAP's Abhimanyu Mukherji notes in an article on telework how distractions, issues with privacy, and domestic responsibilities can all take a toll. This is why people in WFH arrangements must find ways to de-stress — something that yoga can do for you through meditation. Specifically, meditation can help you achieve mental and emotional stability, so you can overcome the challenges that come with remote work. Check out Mediation with Isha Lall for live sessions on how to always stay positive.

3. It helps improve your immune system

If meditation helps with mental and emotional health, then yoga poses cover the physical aspects. Yogi Sohan Singh explains that an important benefit of poses like the downward dog is that they stimulate organs and enhance their functions, thereby strengthening the body's immune system in the process. This, in turn, will keep you from getting sick, so you can continue working and remain productive during your workdays.

4. It will help you sleep better

Remote work can mess with your sleep which can also have an impact on your exercise routine. If you don’t get enough sleep, you could become lethargic and even unproductive as a direct result of sleep deprivation. Fortunately, yoga helps in this regard, too, as poses such as the halasana, uttanasana, and savasana calm the nervous system and improve blood flow to the brain's sleep center. You will sleep better as a result, and be more productive and creative when you're awake and working.

5. It offers a variety

Our infographic on 'Which Style of Yoga is Right for You' shows some of the different kinds of yoga, and underscores how there's something for everyone. We suggest you start with hatha, which consists of individual asanas performed at a slow, deliberate pace. From there you can progress to the faster-paced vinsaya, followed by the physically demanding ashtanga. These variations mean you won't ever get bored and will prevent your sessions from going stale.


Of course, we're all hoping that things can get better in the coming weeks or months. We're hoping, too, that by the time things have returned to some kind of normal, you're deep in your yoga journey. In this regard, we advise you to check out India's best yoga classes so you can ratchet things up and benefit even more from this ancient practice.

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