You don’t really have to be a bro to perform the bro splits. Anyone and everyone can perform this workout to build muscle and strength. But do you really know what bro splits are? Or probably you might be performing all this while without actually knowing about it. If you are really keen to know more about this bodybuilding routine, then continue reading.

Before we discuss more, what exactly are bro splits? 

Bro splits as the name suggests is a bodybuilding routine where you are targeting different muscle groups everyday individually to gain muscle and strength. It is one of the most famous and effective bodybuilding routines in the world. It is a type of training where each day is dedicated to one muscle group and at max two muscle groups.

For example:

Monday: Upper body (Chest, biceps and triceps)

Tuesday: Lower body (Legs)

Wednesday: Abs and core

Thursday: Back

Friday: Shoulders and Traps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

The above mentioned breakup of the bro split is just an example and can vary depending on your strength and power. However, I would highly suggest you reserve your weekends for complete rest. Hence by now you would have noticed that bro split is a kind of training where one workout is dedicated to one or two muscle groups and is trained every seven days for maximum results. If you are looking for short and more frequent workout forms, then bro splits are for you. If you don’t feel like doing chest exercises on Monday, you can do it on Wednesday and that’s the beauty of bro splits as you can arrange the workout forms with flexibility and ease throughout the week.

Now that you know what bro splits are, are they really effective?

Yes, they are really effective. Though bro splits have received a lot of counterblast in terms of its high intensity and low frequency yet it still continues to be highly effective when performed properly. It was said that if someone is not targeting their muscles 2-3 times a week, there is no growth of muscles and strength. However, it has been backed up by research saying as long as you are performing the exercises in the right way it will show amazing results and will continue to do a great job.

What are the pros of bro splits?

  • It is very easy and extremely simple to follow. With proper rest, you can achieve good results.
  • It is better to have a specific muscle based workout than working on various muscle groups together. This way you can lower the volume and focus on the intensity of a single muscle group.
  • If you are already very muscular, then you will take 4-6 days to recover. Hence, targeting every muscle group once a week is good.

What are the cons of the bro splits?

  • If you are looking to get the maximum results from bro splits, you will have to follow it for 4-5 days a week. It is not possible for everyone to follow that body training routine.
  • If you are looking at gaining strength, then bro splits may not be the right training for you because you only are looking at one workout each day to train a particular set of muscles the entire week. 
  • It is often observed that your performance will get hampered as you keep on advancing your workout routine. Hence, when you keep on advancing, your muscles may reach such a stage that they will be weak and unproductive.

Are you now all motivated and set to perform this bodybuilding training? I guess it's time to grow some muscles and strength. You can definitely get great results with good training, nutrition and consistency and ace your performance with BRO SPLITS!

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