Wellzone’s Pumpstart – A Jumpstart to fitness

You may not have noticed it yet, but we’re in the midst of a fitness revolution. It’s not just us, there’s other folks who think like that, too. Take the folks over at Wellzone and McCann Health, for example. Their interactive fitness initiative, Pumpstart, uses 2 factors that play a huge role in a fitness regime – engagement and motivation. But how does it all work exactly?

It’s pretty simple. You log on to wellzone and register as a user. Once you’re done, you’ll see a set of challenges that you can take up and earn points. All challenges have a ‘goal’, which is an upper cap for points that need to be collectively earned by the participants in that particular challenge. The challenges are different fitness programs with different objectives, and they’re all formulated by experts. Some are even endorsed by popular celebrities – for example, Mathew McConaughey’s Muscle Through challenge focuses on being active with your kids, while Courtney Lopez’s Baby Flat challenge helps pregnant mothers stay fit during pregnancies.

The Indian leg of the Pumpstart challenge, however, is the one we’re most intrigued by. On the face of it, it looks like a regular dance routine (Read how dance can change your life) – but what you don’t know (yet) is that it’s a specially devised dance drill that works the body’s 13 major muscle groups, making it a proper full-body workout. Several experts including movement therapist Dilshad Patel, (who you can also find on our expert panel, by the way) have carefully constructed this routine which uses all the body’s major muscle groups, Thanks to the flow of carefully engineered movements, you’ll end up looking and feeling rather good. Just take a look at Varun Dhawan showing his moves.

Talk about getting things on a platter! The guys at Pumpstart have literally worked it all out for you; now all you need to do is sign and perform the challenges. Eventually it’s you who will be thanking you!

Log on to wellzone to sign up. Once you select a challenge, ‘tasks’ will be mailed to your inbox regularly, post which you can start your online dance class journey.

Also, find dance classes around you to kick start your fitness journey.

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