Flax seeds are a great, great source of fiber and omega-3. Fiber helps maintain one's digestive health and can also help lower cholesterol level. Not only that, flaxseeds are also enriched with protein, magnesium, calcium among other nutrients and minerals.

Flaxseeds are known to be great for women’s health too, regular consumption may help reduce menopause symptoms and can also help tackle irregular periods and menstruation liked discomfort. The Lignans present helps in battling high levels of estrogen and helps maintain balanced hormonal levels/

Experts recommend a tablespoon of flaxseeds every day is enough to reap all its benefits. Here are a few simple ways you can add flaxseeds to your daily meal:


Morning Cereal:

Add a little nutty flavor to your daily cereal with a healthy dose of omega-3. Just sprinkle some roasted flax seeds or powdered flax seeds over your cold cereal or oatmeal. This hearty fiber-packed breakfast will keep you feeling full till lunch.


Add flax seeds as a fiber topping to your salad, whole or ground. You can even use flax oil as a dressing if you are not a fan of the crunch. Flax seeds add a healthy boost to your already healthy salad.

Chia Flax Pudding:

Healthy pudding all the way to crave the sweet tooth with a tablespoon on flax seeds and some chia for a protein-packed dessert.


Flaxseed Hummus:

Slyly add omega-3 into your hummus for a protein-rich snack. Just blend flaxseeds while your prepare your hummus. If you prefer store-bought, just add powdered flax seeds. Serve it with veggie sticks.


Start your morning by adding 1 tablespoon of whole flax seeds into your morning smoothie for an extra dose of protein. 2 grams, to be precise.


Garnish your soup with ground flax seeds instead of cream for a delicious crunch and some nutty flavor.

Baked Goods:

Add powdered flax seeds to the batter while baking your favorite cookies, cakes or muffins.

Energy Balls:

Make these no-bake healthy energy balls by combining chia seeds, nuts (almonds, pecan, walnuts are some of the good choices), oats, dates, honey and flax seeds. Blend the dates, honey, chia seeds and flax seeds in a food processor. Add the remaining ingredients to the blended mixture and set in the refrigerator to cool. Once cooled, shape the mixture in your desired size of energy balls.

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