“What we wear is what we are”

Workout clothes are critical and being a part of the fitness industry, we can definitely vouch for that.  Being on a lookout for the one that is not only comfortable but also reduces the post workout irritation and lets your skin breathe, we came across Stretchery. The softness of the cloth made it so much more likeable to not only the mind but our skin as well. Made of pure organic cotton, this is as close as fashion gets to nature.




What better way to know about it, than try it out ourselves. Early on a Friday morning, we hit the beach for our dose of Fitness with a 5km run in the Stretchery T-shirt. What followed was dripping wet clothes. But, what surprised us is the fact that it was still comfortable and did not seem to trouble us. As told to us by our COO, Jayam Vora “The general problem that I face post my workout is the sweat. The cloth starts to stick, but that wasn’t the case this time” and regardless to say it was a pleasant surprise.





“Being a fashion designer by qualification and a fanatic by choice, the look that attire holds is verycritical for me. Stretchery T-shirts weren’t only good looking but also made me feel comfortable in my own skin” Gopi Kanani, Business Development Manager




“Stretchery T-shirts have made me feel comfortable enough to not hit the shower immediately.” Dhara Tanna, Senior Business Development Manager




“We at Fitternity came across Stretchery after an intensive lookout for an irritation free, breathable fitness wear and they were kind enough to send across a couple of T-shirts to try out and needless to say we loved it. Right from the look and the colours to the comfort and feel, no stone was left unturned” Neha Motwani, Founder and CEO

Like the organic food we consume, organic cotton is pesticide free, making any possibility of skin irritation negligible. But, what we did not know is that it could help soothe existing allergies. Vini Chellani, our Customer Experience Manager can testify that for herself. On a Tuesday morning, a sudden spout of rash caused severe irritation to her skin. This is when the Stretchery T-shirt came to her rescue, giving us a live example of what kind of wonder; good quality cotton can do for you.While, we all have splurged on fashion wear for ages, we believe it is time we spend on what we will need daily. An organic active we might just be key to a holistic fitness. We suggest you take our word on it and try this organic cotton wear for yourself.

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