In this day and age, people across the country, especially young professionals have been getting extremely conscious about their health, physical fitness, and overall wellbeing. Be it different forms of diet, or regular gym sessions, sports, or other activities, fitness has become a part and parcel of the lives of new-age millennials. 

However, off late, it has also been observed that going to the gym every single day can gradually become tedious, especially for Generation Y, along with the known fact that after a point, the same exercises cease to have an impact on the body. 

For this reason, new-age workouts have been introduced that help liven up your exercise routine, and have the expected impact on your health and fitness too. Some popular forms include — HIIT, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silk, Mallakhamb, Bachata, Functional Training, Sunrise Yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, Spininng, Bootcamp, Gymnastics, MMA, Parkour, Ninja Movement Training, Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), Climbing / Climbfit, and Calisthenics. 

Out of these, the most recommended ones at present are as follows: 

Parkour Training — Typically, Parkour training is quite similar to freerunning. However, it involves efficiently moving from one point to the other amidst an array of obstacles in the surrounding environment. Due to this high-octane and visually appealing vibe, this form is increasingly finding its niche in India, and garnering swift popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts.

Calisthenics — This is perhaps, the most popular form of exercise currently making waves across young blood of the country. As the form requires using all of your bodyweight and includes a multitude of exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, L-sit, squats, leg lifts, thrusts, and jumping jacks, a number of active millennials prefer it, with its results being a lean and athletic physique.

Ninja Movement Training — Due to the name itself, a number of young denizens leaning towards renowned “ninja moves”, inspired by American Ninja Warriors extremely appealing. This regimen combines the elements of Parkour and Calisthenics, and involves bodyweight training with obstacles, which makes it intensive, but fun. By pushing the body and mind to their limits, it focuses on not only enhancing physical strength, but also acquiring impressive fighting skills. 

Aerial Hoop- This is a full body workout, helping strengthen muscle-strength in your arms, shoulders and upper body while improving flexibility, balance and coordination. It also helps boost mental health, with concentration exercises playing a major role throughout the workout.

 Aerial Silk - This intensive workout has many fans all over the world and offers amazing benefits for the body. This low impact workout does not need intense training to achieve and can be done by anyone. Engaging the core to its maximum potential, building muscle-strength, heightened flexibility and improved focus and mental health are some of the benefits you stand to gain from carrying out this form of exercise.

Spinning- Also known as indoor cycling, spinning is a form of exercise that focusses on endurance, strength and recovery. This training routine offers many benefits, some of which include burning of calories, improved cardio health, building lean muscle definition, improving core strength and enhancing mental strength.

 Pilates - Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise which aims to strengthen the core and spine. With slow, precise movements and breath control, Pilates enhances muscle strength along with improving flexibility, mobility and posture.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation — Also known as EMS, it is like an addition to your fitness regime, as the method involves electrical stimulation to make the workout more efficient. This form contributes to a large extent in not only weight-loss, but also in sculpting muscles, and hence, is becoming popular amongst physically active Indian netizens. 

CrossFit- CrossFit is a workout program that incorporates multiple sports and training regimens in one session, containing sets of functional exercises executed at high intensity. These functional exercises follow the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio exercise. CrossFit offers immense physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Climbfit — This is a unique form of new-age workouts, particularly preferred by climbers across India, as it involves about a 60-minute routine, carefully designed to aid them in achieving their maximum potential. It includes warm-ups and cardio-conditioning, but the highlight is resistance-building exercises that enhance climbing-specific strength and flexibility.