Our body requires a large amount of blood to be pumped to our working muscles during an exercise and during an exercise, the blow flow to the stomach is reduced. You don’t want the wrong meals to make your stomach work harder than required, so check out these food items that you should generally avoid before working out!

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Flaxseeds do wonders to keep you full as they are rich in fibre but that’s not what you need before your workout because they could cause gas or make you bloat. Nutritionists recommend not consuming high fibre foods 2 hours before and after a workout.

Green Banana

Banana’s are considered to be a great pre-workout snack because of its important nutrient content - potassium but if you’re going for a banana, go for a ripe one! If you go for an unripe one, you are most likely to feel bloating and gas in your stomach!

Dairy Products

If you are looking for all the energy possible to perform a good workout session, then please turn a blind eye to dairy products. Whether its milk, yogurt, or cheese, you should always consume them after a workout. As they are high in fat, you would begin to feel lethargic and lead to acidity in your stomach if you consumed them before a workout. 

Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks are a big no-no because most of them are full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. They cause bloating, gas, and fatigue and don’t do a good job in keeping you hydrated. 


Foods that are high in fat or fibre content must be avoided before a workout and avocados tick both the boxes! Even though they are filled with mono-saturated fat, their fibre content as a combination with fat results in the body taking a longer time to digest.

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