You have been working out for a while now and you have finally started seeing your results on your body such as muscle gain and heightened energy levels. However, having a post-workout routine can help you maintain the energy levels and maximise the results of your workout while you carry on with your day.

Here are some things you can do to perfect your post-workout routine for an effective recovery process after you kill it in the gym.

Eat Right

Plan a protein-rich meal after your workout as it will help replenish your body with the right nutrition. While protein is important, it is also important to include carbohydrates in your meal so you replenish the lost energy. Eating right also ensures you get good quality sleep that is vital for muscle recovery, especially after an intense day at the gym.

Here are some post-workout snacks you can try after your next workout.

Stay Hydrated 

When you are working out, you lose a lot of water in the form of perspiration. Hydrating yourselves can improve your workout performance as it improves flexibility, strength and helps soothe any soreness.

With the summer season upon us, it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure you are not dehydrated. You can always switch the regular water for fruit-infused water or lemonade.

Here are some alternatives to water to stay hydrated:

  1. Coconut water
  2. Buttermilk
  3. Herbal iced tea like peppermint, lemon and ginger
  4. Fruit with high water content like melons, oranges, lemons

Take A Shower

Perspiration is inevitable after an intense workout session. This can enable bacteria to breed on your skin & workout clothes which can be bad for your skin & overall health. To avoid this, it is essential to take a shower, after you completely cook down, to ensure your sweat is washed away along with any form of germs that may be on your skin. 

After a workout, your skincare routine is just as important. The Manuka Honey range from Swisse Wellness provides a daily boost of glow & hydration to dull skin as it is rich in antioxidants and acts as a natural humectant. 

Take The Right Supplements

If you work out regularly, you must also be focusing on eating right as it is important to do so for overall fitness. While you may agree that you make healthy food choices, supplements are important to bridge the gap in nutrition that your food may lack. For the right supplements, you can use the Swisse Wellness products that have a variety of options like Collagen Glow Powder and Multivitamins that can help your skin glow from the inside.

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