These days there are no dearth of options to keep fit. Gone are the times when only gym or an evening walk were your go to options, the world of fitness is constantly expanding and new and exciting forms are added every single day. One such addition was functional training that dwells on the exercises using the human body weight, rather than external machines or equipments.

It's been a while since the city of Pune has caught the fitness fever. Check out these top functional training studios in the city that are creating quite a buzz all over!

1.       Multifit Wellness (Kalyani Nagar, NIBM, Kharadi & Pimple Nilakh)

Have you been completely out of shape lately or are just entering into the world of fitness, Multifit has got you covered! No, they don’t make you hang on trees or ropes, but they make sure that you push yourself to become a better version of yourself, every single day. Known for their amazing national and international trainers who are well known experts in their respective fields, trust them for extracting the best result out of any workout!

Whether it is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, spinning or MMA and Kickboxing, getting fit can never be boring with them being around. Every branch is unique yet offers the best workout experience! With latest additions like yoga and dance coming in the Kalyani Nagar studio, the fun in fitness is surely leveling up a step above!

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2.       Abs Fitness & Wellness Club (Kothrud & Camp)

Every form of fitness under one roof is guaranteed with this phenomenal health club present in the city. Abs Fitness and Wellness club has been spreading the love for fitness for quite some time now, their major goal being help a person gain strength and boosting their levels of confidence. Equipped with the best equipments and trainers, this health club is also known for its group classes which includes various techniques of functional training

Check out Abs Fitness & Wellness Kothrud & Abs Fitness & Wellness Camp

3.       Abs Fitness Xpress (AFX, Wanowrie)

Your everyday movements don’t require you to take help from machines, so why should your workout? You may bend, squat or lunge, push or pull as these are the ways in which your body functions. AFX, makes sure of an experience of intense isolated strength training through their functional training health clubs. With unique concepts like a functional cage, functional zone for personal training, Xpress cardio and other group activities, the monotony of a regular workout is completely off the charts. They also offer unique weight loss programs to help people achieve a targeted result

Check out Abs Fitness Xpress (AFX, Wanowrie)

4.       Crossfit Chakra (Koregaon Park)

If you want to know why they say strong is the new sexy, you have got to give crossfit a try! The first and one of the very few unique crossfit box in the city, Crossfit Chakra is known for their varied workout routines involving functional movements and Olympic weightlifting regimes. It is highly unlikely to repeat a workout routine at chakra. They believe in community training and conduct workouts in batches. Different forms of memberships are offered at the box, make sure to check them out.

Oh, did we mention they have something for your little brats too?

Check out Crossfit Chakra (Koregaon Park)

5.       Crossfit GrayBar (Viman Nagar)

Welcome to the only crossfit box in town that also offers MMA and yoga training for an enhanced functional workout experience. GrayBar focuses on strength, endurance and flexibility and have all the specialized equipments to facilitate the same. The biggest crossfit box in Pune, the guys at GrayBar have one of the most amazing group of trainers and conduct special programs for people with any past physical injury. They specialize in Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and body conditioning.

Check out Crossfit GrayBar (Viman Nagar)

6.       P40X Fitness Studio (Law college road)

If AC gyms are not your thing and you feel the best way to workout is in the presence of natural intake of oxygen, you’ve come to the right place. P40X Fitness Studio is based upon the concept of using a person’s own body weight to perform cardio drills, calisthenics exercises and sports fitness regimes. Be it any age, gender or any target oriented individual, they have plenty of machine free workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. Cross functional training at its best, we’d say!

Check out  P40X Fitness Studio (Law college road)

7.       Vivafit (Salisbury Park)

Ladies, here is a functional training studio dedicated only for you and your fitness needs. A one of its kind European fitness centre, Vivafit is known for their 30 minutes express format that uses hydraulic machines, unique forms like Les Milles, core training and other fitness based activities like yoga and pilates. Whether the goal is to lose weight, get a toned body, lower stress levels or boost confidence, the internationally certified trainers will make sure you achieve your fitness goals

Check out Vivafit (Salisbury Park)

8.       Transform Wellness (Kalyani Nagar)

Be it Bokwa, functional training or their unique concept of combine training. Transform wellness is an open gym that provides premium personal training. Known for their insanity workout, plyometrics exercises and body pump regime, Transform Wellness is a one stop option for everything fitness.

Check out  Transform Wellness (Kalyani Nagar)

9.       First Fitt (Viman Nagar)

A one of its kind gym located in the heart of Viman Nagar, FirstFitt is known for their state of the art infrastructure and equipments and also their experienced instructors who ensure safe training. Their group classes comprising of HIIT workouts and cardio kickboxing are extremely popular. Pay them a visit to experience it for yourself!

Check out  First Fitt (Viman Nagar)

10.   Urbounce (Pashan)

A happy workout is a healthy one! At Urbounce you get to experience a unique combination of different forms of workout that make it not so monotonous and a lot of fun! The guys at Urbounce are known for their excellent team of trainers and set of equipments along with an all-inclusive group activities batch. Special mention for the Power play and functional training activities conducted here under the best trainers!

Check out Urbounce (Pashan)