There is something about grooving to the music you love, it seems to take care all of our cares away. Dance is probably the best way to get fit and relax your mind along the way. Regardless of your reasons, one thing’s for sure: The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of dancing are endless.

One of the best things about dance fitness classes is that they're accessible to almost all fitness levels. They also provide an easy and fun way for people to get active. Just don't assume all dance fitness classes are the same, book your session today with Fitternity using OnePass Red. Use code: oneart5 to get an additional discount on OnePass Red


1.     The Space, Juhu

When dance is the form of exercise, who would want to run away from it? Mostly known for its boot camp sessions, The Space in Juhu offers dance lovers a taste of fit with their Dance-e-cize classes. Freestyle exercises combined with dance will never make working out a dull moment. Take a trial class today to experience it for yourself

Starting @ just Rs 499
Check out The Space, Juhu

2.     JG’s Fitness Centre, Santacruz West

Another fitness studio that shines with everything fitness. Dance is an integral part of it’s philosophy. Be assured your cardio is well taken care of with their Bollywood cardio classes and there are no limits of fun added to it. Apart from this, try out their flagship Masala Bhangra workout by the master trainer Shalini Bhargava herself, and sweat it out to some Punjabi tunes.
Starting @ just Rs 499
Check out JG’s Fitness Centre, Santacruz West

3.     RESET, Bandra West

This location does not fail to deliver one of the best services in Mumbai and RESET surely delivers the best of the best services. Located at the heart of Bandra, they have some very amazing and renowned instructors. Train the way, the experts do. Their class are so entertaining that once you stepped inside the studio, you’ll keep coming back for more. One of the most amazing the classes to take here is Bachata.  
Starting @ just Rs 599
Check out RESET, Bandra

4.     Beyond Studio, Bandra West
Beyond has been well known for its impeccable services and being highly entertaining. Beyond studio has recently joined hands with the best of the Zumba services, Sucheta Pal. Imagine a place where you have every dance related activities under one Roof.
Starting @ just Rs 399
Check out Beyond Studio, Bandra West

5.     Change, Powai

Change- The  New You is one of the most renowned dance studio in Mumbai.  It offers dance workouts which helps to builds flexibility & strength and needless to say is challenging but very motivating. The studio offers a combination of contemporary, BollyX, Hip Hop and more . Choreography based classes are also available for kids.
Starting @ just Rs 399
Check out Change, Powai

6.     Studio 23, Churchgate

If fitness is a way of life, dance is an instrument for it and nobody explains that better than Studio 23. Known for their extremely fun Hip-Hop classes, this studio has taken the concept of dance fitness to another level. Get ready to burn that fat with a high intensity dance workout that guarantees result and no room of boredom.
Starting @ just Rs 767
Check out Studio 23, churchgate


7.     The Body Craft House, Khar

The body craft house definitely knows how to make you groove, with their wide range of variety from fitness from Dance to Zumba to Pilates. Their Zumba classes is super fun, engaging and very energetic. Definitely one of the best places to try in this location.
Starting @ just Rs 399
Check out The Body Craft House, Khar

8.     Studio One Eighty Nine – By Breakfast Dance Co, Tardeo

Friends that swear together, stay together. This Dance studio sweats together in different forms. A one stop shop for all your groovy needs. The one of a kind studio in Tardeo will make you fall in love with dancing yet again.
Start working out @ just Rs 549
Check out Studio One Eighty Nine – By Breakfast Dance Co, Tardeo

9.     Zumba with Manish Gohil, Lower Parel

Zumba is probably the quickest form of Dance to loose calories and not to forget how fun it is. With Manish taking the classes, the chances of you coming back here is highly likely.
Start working out @ just Rs 450
Check out Zumba with Manish Gohil, Lower Parel

10.  Zumba with Team Sucheta Pal at Multifit, Andheri

The Zumba queen is very well known for her exceptionally fun and engaging Zumba classes. The world of Fitness doesn’t need her introduction. Sucheta’s team is probably the best there has been in Zumba.
Starting @ just Rs 299
Check out Zumba with Team Sucheta Pal at Multifit, Andheri

You need good music, two feet and a whole lot of fun to take out the monotony from exercising. As they say, you are always just a dance away from a good mood!

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