Love challenges? Enjoy the thrill of races? Like pushing yourself to a point where your sanity is questioned? More importantly, love conquering barriers and don’t mind getting dirty (quite literally) in the process? Well, Obstacle racing is definitely the thing that should top your bucket list

Just like any other race, obstacle racing requires thorough planning, but what sets it apart from other races is that it not only pushes you towards the finish line, but also enables you to push other comrades along with you! Endurance, stamina and presence of mind are the key players when it comes to such races. If you have already made up your mind to venture into one, check out the following guidelines to help you brush up the basics

1. It is a dirty business

Cringe at the thought of being covered with sweat and mud? And, definitely can’t imagine several other people being in the same condition along with you? Then be prepared to get over the OCD!

The race would involve jumping into mud pits, crawling through trails, and sweating a lot! Hence, it is very important be prepared with relevant toiletries, for an easy post- race clean up. Also, a nice long shower afterwards is definitely something to look forward to

2. Ready to push your limits?

Every race is tough. However, obstacle races can be particularly hard as they are replete with different and unique forms of challenges. Participants are pushed to the edge with new kinds of discomfort which aren’t usually present in a normal road race

The water will be very cold, you are going to get really dirty, be prepared for bruises, bumps and cuts, your body will be facing different shocks with varying activities (jumping, crawling, running, climbing, speeding up, slowing down etc)

You may reach a point where giving up would seem like the right and the rational thing to do, you will have several questions, one such questioning your sanity to put up with the whole thing! But again, you just need to remember why you started in the first place and you’ll be good to go

3. Company matters!

Another feature of such races are that they are also highly regarded as social events. This ensures you build a sense of camaraderie with the fellow mud covered racers as you go through this journey of muddiness together! Teamwork comes in handy for some of the obstacles present during the race. Nope, you’re not alone in this!

As a beginner venturing into such a race for the first time, finding or building a team would be the correct strategy. So, the focus wouldn’t be just on how hard its going to get for you, but also on how as a team you could have fun together

4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you’ve heard that obstacle races are like pseudo military boot camps, well you are not entirely wrong. But there’s no need to fret because these recreational versions are quite a lot of fun!

Yes, it gets tough, and yes they are physically and mentally challenging, but the right attitude is what matters. Accept it for its challenges, and be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime

5. Sorry, no rehab for addiction!

It’s true. Ask anyone who has been a part of such races before and they will all vouch for the different kind of thrill/ high it gives you! You will be proud to cross the finish line and happy that you took the leap. Sure enough, you might also be asking people around to sign you up for the next edition!

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