Commenting to staying fit can be challenging, it requires the right amount of time, effort, and knowledge. Being unaware of some facts can be a setback in your journey and we don’t want that to happen! 

Things you should know before hitting your fitness goals -

1.Find the correct rep range according to your goal

A common misconception is the 3x10 reps which most people recommend. Yes, that is right, but you know which goal it focuses on? No worries! First, decide your fitness goal and then select the rep range 

To lose weight -  Sets: 4, Reps: 8

To gain strengthen - Sets: 5, Reps: 3–5

To build muscle - Sets: 3, Reps: 8, 10, 12

2. It gets easier before you notice your muscles grow 

Remember, the first step is getting easier than seeing your muscles grow. Mark your progress not with the look or growth of your muscle, but with the ease of doing the exercise! Don’t worry much about your muscle growth, it takes several weeks to actually notice a change in muscular hypertrophy.

3.Diet over supplements

Following a strict diet and adding “vital” supplements is not something you can sustain for a long time. Rather, look for an option that suits your body, something you can adapt as a lifestyle change. A good diet is no secret on a fitness journey. So, focus your attention on the right thing, and supplements, as the name suggests, should only be taken to support your journey not to rely on them. 

4.Mind-muscle connection

Don’t just do the exercise because that’s the way to stay fit, build your mind-muscle connection to see an actual good result. Your brain and nervous system improve the movement of muscle fibred that are at work and by placing mental attention, it highers the changes of the muscle fibers to complete the task and a better workout.

Simple ways to achieve this -

  1. Focus on the form
  2. Focus on breathing properly
  3. Focus on only targeted muscles

5. A workout should be good rather than long

Your main focus should be on achieving a good and effective workout and not hitting one hour or two on your clock. A longer workout does not justify being a better workout, so plan your workout beforehand. 

Ideal workout durations according to the fitness level 

  1. For short hard workouts, try 20-30 minutes. (Eg. HIIT)
  2. For easy and recovery workouts, try 30-45 minutes. (Eg. Yoga)
  3. For long and moderate workouts, try 45-90 minutes. (Eg. Cardio)

These are a few points we want you to be aware of to ace your fitness goals.

Now that you’re covered with the right information, you’re all set to go!

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