Dance is more than a fun way to fitness. There! We said it. It’s also a highly effective way to deal with stress, a means of expressing yourself, your emotions and clearing the mind, but most importantly, it gives the heart one hell of a workout. While taking dance classes might not speed track you onto the road of six packs, it helps trim abdomen fat and give you the toned legs and arms that dreams are made of.

But dance no longer exists in the polarity of Bollywood thumkas and frolicking, and the uptight strict form of Ballet. The dancing scene has changed, and so have our needs – adapted to the new forms and styles which have blurred these lines. So here it is, the definitive list of dance classes guaranteed to get your butt off the couch!

1. Masala Bhangra

The Masala Bhangra Workout (MBW) is the hottest fitness program to come along in years!  This high-energy dance workout fuses the fun, vitality and spirituality of Bhangra-style dance and Bollywood-style music with mainstream fitness, giving a cardio-fuelled full body workout which leaves you sweating, glowing, and grinning.

Try Masala Bhangra at JG’s Fitness Santacruz West or House of Wow  Bandra west

2. Urban Dance

If you don't want to just stop themselves at one form of dance but love the street style music, then Urban Dance is your calling. An exciting fusion of any of various dances influenced by the rhythms and techniques of funk and hip-hop music, such as locking, popping, or b-boying. Workout your way to strength and cardio with beats that are sure to get your feet tapping.

Try Urban Dance at Forum Dance-A-Size Juhu

3. Aerial Silk

For those looking for something more high intensity but not cardio pumped and adrenaline jumped, we have Aerial Silk. It focuses on building every individuals strength and flexibility in the best and safest way possible. Aerial Silk is an amazing apparatus. Elements and workouts performed on the silk prove way more effective than any other apparatus or form of fitness. Working on the strength and flexibility can get very interesting on the silk. It is challenging and motivating at the same time. You will start building higher goals as you get more comfortable with the silk.

Try Aerial Silk at The Wooden Stage Vile Parle West or with Aditi Deshpande across Mumbai

4. Naach

When you love to dance but can't decide on anyone form in particular, Workouts like Naach are a must try. It focusses on burning calories, strengthening your core while breaking the monotony. For those who get bored easily, this is a perfect chance to experience not only a new song every class but also a new form of dance, that are sure to get your feet tapping. Learn Bollywood, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Dirty Dancing and Freestyle.

Try Naach at Beat N Bounce Lokhandwala

5. Bellyfit 

Looking for a dance workout that you can do no matter the age or state? Bellyfit does just that. Infact it is the only dance workout that can be done during pregnancy. Ideal for those who want an easy workout, yet channelize your energy. It is a mix of Belly Dancing, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates and Chakra Meditation. A workout ideal for women.

Try Bellyfit with Chaitali across Mumbai and  at Beat N Bounce Lokhandwala

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