Before we begin, delete all the advice you’ve received from people who know very little about what you’re going to read! Yoga and other cardio exercises have their own benefits, with this information we want you to add and balance resistance training with other forms and to get great workouts, workout with Fitternity and Use code : ARTSELECT to get an exclusive discount on OnePass Virtual

Here is why -

1. Boosts Fat Loss 

No! It is not only for getting ripped arms and flexing in the mirror! It boosts fat loss because of its ability to burn fat during and after the exercises. You read it right, it continues to burn calories even after doing the workout because you consume additional oxygen which is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), and this leads to an increased metabolic rate and burning calories even after completing the workout!

2. Excess Calorie Expenditure 

When you lift weights, you will increase your strength and lean muscle mass which plays an important role in how your body uses calories more efficiently! Muscle contractions varying from picking a glass of water to doing a squat and similarly the calories burned by every contraction differs. Sitting on the bed burns lesser calories than standing while walking burns more calories than standing. So if you increase the number of muscle contractions you perform, you will burn more calories!

3. More energy 

We learned that resistance training increases the energy expenditure even hours after you workout and studies suggest that the increase in energy expenditure after training positively affects energy balance and fat oxidation.

4. Healthy Bones

As you grow, you are at risk of losing bone and muscle mass and postmenopausal women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis. A great way to overcome these challenges is resistance training and a study at McMaster University suggests that postmenopausal women tend to increase their spinal bone mass by 9 percent. 

Are you ready to start resistance training now? 

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