Changing the way a woman feels about herself can happen in one of two ways, you can either compliment her or you can flatter her! As a nutritionist, I think my gift to every woman I meet is the advice that will really help you lose weight. This week gift yourself the knowledge that if you try and try hard enough and crazy enough, you are bound to lose weight the right way.

1. Get up at 5.45 am. After exactly seven hours of sleep, your Cortisol in now peaking. (CORTISOL is the evil hormone that deposits fat in your hips). Drink one shot of black coffee (80 ml) without any sugar and have a single slice of low fat cheese.

2. Immediately go for a brisk 33 min walk NO MORE NO LESS – you will force your fat into thinking between depositing in your cells or burning up! Every three mins, do 10 stationary high knee-to-chest ups and on-the-spot sprinting for 10 counts.

3. Post this walk, have one scoop of Whey Protein with three capsules of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and one Multivitamin tablet.

4. In one hour, have three egg whites and a cup of green tea (300 ml)

5. After four hours from your walk, have 10 almonds, 3 Figs, and 10 Pistachios.

6. Mid-morning have a glass of Green Tea (300 ml).

7. Have a normal lunch – no rice!

8. At 3 PM have a cup of green tea and one-multi grain biscuit.

9. 5 PM have one scoop of protein powder (preferrably soya based) with water. As much as it lacks in taste, or rather bearable taste, it’s extrememly effective in controlling hunger pangs.

10. 7 PM have a large soup and salad

11. 10 Pm drink a glass of skimmed milk with one slice of low fat cheese and three capsules of CLA.

5 Vegetables I think that you have to eat every day:

Carrot, Tomato, Beetroot, Lettuce and French Beans

5 Fruits I think you have to eat every day:

Watermelon, Apple, Orange, Lemon( squeezed in your water), Kiwi/Pomegranate

This combination of diet and exercise is a good initiation into the process of weight loss and should ideally be followed for up to four weeks. By then the body gets attuned to the process and is ready to take the next step towards burning away stubborn fat.

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