Let’s celebrate this Independence Day the Fitternity way by exercising more than just our rights! With this Patriotic Workout, we want to highlight the importance of exercising your rights and staying healthy each day. Are you ready to give this Independence Day a fitness outlook with Fitternity?

This how the Patriotic Workout will be - 

1.Every time an Indian Flag waves

Do 10 push-ups

2. Every time you hear the National Anthem


Do 20 crunches

3. Every time you eat an orange, white, green or blue dish

Do 15 burpees

4. Every time someone greets you “Happy Independence Day”

Do a plank for 1 minute.

5. Every time you hear/watch a patriot conversation/movie 

Do 15 squats 

Make your normal workout routine exciting with our Patriotic Workout Plan and celebrate our lovely nation.

Happy Independence Day from Fitternity! 

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