It’s almost April and temperatures are already soaring up to 40°C! It’s time for us to prep ourselves because SUMMER HAS COME! We all have swapped our fancy wardrobe with clothes that are airy and cottony! Sunscreens, caps, scarfs and sunglasses are out and how! Constantly sipping on water and electrolytes rich liquids is the key to not get a heat stroke! BUT, we want to share with you some offbeat ways to stay cool, on the outside! Pay heed!

1) Iced Coffee Cubes: Freeze some black coffee in an ice tray! Use the cubes later (Optional: with milk and sugar) for a tasty cooling drink! Yummy!

2) Face And Body Mists: These are available in plenty, you can either buy or make your own and spray the heat away! Hello, fresh skin!

3) Aloe Vera: This humble plant has cooling properties which can calm your skin after sun exposure! Take a few leaves, extract the pulp and store in the fridge! 

4) Freeze Your Towels: Soak a couple of washcloths in water, squeeze the excess, roll and freeze them for a few hours! You could add some essentials oils for a spa-like experience! These provide immediate relief after a long day in the sun!

5) Bedsheets and Blankets: Switch your linen to more summer-friendly cotton fabric! Don't forget to change them often because the key is to keep it fresh! 

6) Ice Foot Bath: Dunk your feet in a bucket with ice for immediate relief since the feet are full of nerve receptors!

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