Fitness is addictive, once you get the taste you don't want to let go. It was the same for me. Fitness brought a positive aspect to my life. It has helped me grow mentally and physically. It is a stress buster for me and the more the stress the heavier I lift. 

I have been partaking in strength training for almost 4 years now and throughout these years the top workouts that I have loved doing most are:

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Bench press
  3. Sumo squats
  4. Cable row


Deadlifts are compound lifts that engage multiple muscles in your body. This is one of my favorite workouts as it helps me target multiple muscle groups in one exercise itself. Plus the barbell can be loaded with heavyweights which helps increase your back strength and makes you want to set new personal records.

This workout has helped me improve my grip strength immensely because of the pressure of the heavyweights on the arms. It has also helped me develop my back muscles mostly the Erector Spinae and my Trapezius muscles. The exercise has also helped me improve the posture of my back.

Steps to do at home:

  1. Fill a bucket with water (can add weights in the bucket as well)
  2. Stand on a level higher than the bucket
  3. Get in the deadlift stance with your legs a foot apart.
  4. Grab the handle of the bucket and slowly lift with your back and legs.
  5. Hold the position for 2 seconds 
  6. Lower yourself and the bucket slowly
  7. Continue this cycle for 12-15 reps

Bench Press

Bench press has been an all-time favorite for all fitness enthusiasts. This exercise has brought competition among gym buddies and the famous phrase “How much do you bench?”

This is one of my favorites as it targets the whole chest and can be loaded with heavyweights. This exercise is the main reason for my pectoral muscle growth.

With the right form and increased progressive overload, this workout can help you build those big pectoral muscles you have always dreamed about. The exercise puts tension on all three of the pectoral muscles and the front deltoids. This workout also engages the core for stability.

Steps to do at home:

  1. Sleep on a bench with the weights (can use water bottles) close to your chest and your elbows at 45 degrees.
  2. Arch your back and tuck your shoulders back
  3. Push your hands up and feel the chest contracting
  4. Hold for 2 seconds
  5. Slowly bring the hands back in the 1st position
  6. Continue this cycle for 12-15 reps


Sumo-squats are more effective for me than traditional squats. This workout is also a compound lift and is similar to the deadlift. This workout engages the glutes, hamstrings, and the quads also while improving hand grip. This workout has helped me drastically improve my glutes and hamstrings.

Sumo-squats is a really good exercise for building hamstrings with the right form. The heavyweights allow progressive overload. Building hamstrings helps improve stability while running and walking. This stability in turn helps increase sprint speed.

Steps to do at home:

  1. Grab your weights (can use water bottles)
  2. Take a stance where your feet are a foot further from your shoulder length and point outwards
  3. Bend down as in a deadlift while keeping your shoulders tucked back
  4. Squeeze your glutes while rising up
  5. Hold for 2 seconds
  6. Move back to the 3rd step
  7. Continue this cycle for 12-15 reps

Cable rows

Cable rows have been one of my favorite back exercises. This workout has helped me develop most of my back muscles due to the variations in this workout. The most significant muscle being the lats. These are my favorite muscle groups to work on since they give that V-shape look.

Cable rows have many variations which help you target muscles on your back. This workout has helped me drastically increase the size of my delts from not being present at all to fairly visible. It has helped me get a slight V-shape and has also helped me develop my other back muscles like Traps and Rhomboids.

Steps to do at home:

  1. Attach a resistance band to a door handle or a vertical pipe or rod in your house
  2. Sit on a bench in front of the band
  3. Hold the band in your hand and sit up straight
  4. Pull the band towards you with your fist close to your stomach
  5. Hold for 2 seconds 
  6. Move back to step 3
  7. Continue this cycle for 12-15 reps

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