Inculcating boxing in your workout is an excellent way to supplement a cardio vascular workout. It is a taxing workout but very effective if done the right way. It improves one’s endurance and strengthens the body beyond what a normal workout is capable of. Here are a few steps as to how you can introduce a boxing routine into your daily workout:

1) Getting all the equipment: For a basic boxing routine you’d need a pair of boxing gloves and a punching bag. You could also get a skipping rope as it’s normally part of a boxing regime.

2) Getting the technique right: Learn how to throw your punches, how to develop the proper stance of a boxer. Stand sideways against your imaginary opponent, (in this case the punching bag), with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Keep your subordinate side facing the target, and the dominant hand back. Keep your knees slightly bent, with your weight evenly distributed.

3) Warming up: Before you start throwing punches and going all Rocky Balboa on the punching bag, you need to warm up. Warming up is very important as it keeps you injury free and lessens the probability of a cramp. Try going for a jog or even skip for a while.

4) Your Routine: Make sure you stretch before you start with the routine. This is a very important step and should not be missed. Now you can start punching the bag. Stick to the technique and go on until you develop a good sweat. Take a break and stretch some more and then you can go for another round and more if you’re having fun!

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