Fitness has always been a Lifestyle. Sometimes you choose it and sometimes it chooses you. 

Staying fit is more than looking good, it is a way to fend off chronic diseases while improving your overall physical and mental health.

In order to obtain success in any field, one must first master its basics. It is the same for fitness. For one to execute the best results, basics are a ‘sine qua non’. Mastering the basics of fitness is very important since the slightest mistake can lead to injuries.

The most basic techniques to be adept at are the workout form/posture and the breathing technique. Proper posture and breathing during a workout might sound like simple things to remember but all too often impairments like muscle strains and even fainting can occur when you fail to maintain good posture and unconsciously hold your breath during exertion. These two form a crucial backbone for any kind of exercise one may perform. 

Importance of Good Posture/Form: 

Incorporating good posture in your workouts is of significant importance as it helps one’s body to function efficiently and will minimize muscle strains and injury. 

While performing an exercise, whether you are sitting or standing, your body will inevitably be in several different positions. Remember to maintain proper form and posture even when you add weights, such as dumbbells used for strength training, or increase your exercise intensity to a vigorous level. If you are neglectful of your posture or form you can easily sustain an injury and be held up. 

Take the time to learn and practice proper body alignment and be mindful about how your body is feeling. Practice your posture with lower weights first and then gradually increase the weights when you start feeling comfortable. Pain is a major indicator of incorrect form or posture. If you feel pain any time during the, immediately drop the weights and stop the exercise.

Importance of Breathing Technique:

Each time you inhale, you take in oxygen, which your body needs for it to function for your daily activities. The more that you exert, the more oxygen you need. Think of oxygen as some sort of muscle fuel. In order for you to exercise, you need to get oxygen to your muscles.

The most common mistake that beginners make is holding their breath while performing the exercise. It is not uncommon for a person to unknowingly hold their breath while performing strenuous physical activities and overexerting themselves. This leads to the person not getting enough oxygen in their body which in turn makes them dizzy. 

The right way to breathe while strength training is to breathe out during concentric movements and breathe in during eccentric movements. When you exhale you increase core engagement as you squeeze the air out. A tight and strengthened core leads to more power and stability which is most needed to perform heavy lifts.

Whilst mastering the posture and breathing technique, one must also focus on the right nutrition as it plays a role of similar importance in one’s fitness.

Importance of Nutrition in Fitness:

When you are aiming for optimal fitness, it all comes down to proper diet and enough exercise. Even if you got the exercise down it all depends on your nutrition. 

Healthy nutrition is the key to muscle recovery and protein synthesization. Eating nutrient and fiber-rich foods provides the body with the necessary tools to build muscle hence aiding in reaching one’s fitness goals. 

With the right nutrition, one can prevent diseases and help heal injuries faster. Good foods help boost the metabolism of a person. Metabolism is a procedure where your body makes and burns energy from food. You lean on your metabolism to be able to breathe, think, digest, circulate blood, keep warm in the cold, and vice versa. It is a common belief that raising your metabolism can help you shed off more calories and lose weight.

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