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Lexi Reed 26, of Terre Haute, Indiana and her husband Danny, 28, just like any other couple  made a resolution in January 2016 to get healthy and lose weight. When they started,  Lexi was 220 kgs and Danny was 127 kgs.

Till date, the couple has collectively lost a total of 179 kgs. Lexi Reed who was 2 years ago a size 28 is now a size 10 weighing 82.5 kgs, and Danny Reed went from a 46 all the way down to a 32. He now weighs 86.6 kgs.  Lexi worried that being so overweight would reduce the amount of time she had with Danny. The couple were thinking about having children.But Lexi acknowledged that she could never be a mom at that size and that was one thing that motivated her.

Lexi admitted that they were fed up with the life they were living so they set out to make a change, hitting the gym, eating healthy and documenting it all on her Instagram account @fatgirlfedup .

Lexi was astonished to see the impact they had made. The couple started this out  just to get healthy. Lexi revealed that earlier, they would come home from work and immediately binge-watch TV and Netflix. They weren't able to do many things other couples enjoy because of their health and size which further motivated them.

They switched out their previous 8,000 calorie a day diet of junk-food for home cooked meals and going to the gym five or six times a week.Initially Lexi could workout for not more than 30mins but gradually she increased her capacity and now her workouts extend upto an hour. Lexi said that “We didn't have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other and the motivation within to work hard every single day,'  Reed believes that losing weight together has brought the couple closer together than ever before.


Study suggests that working out with a partner improves results as not every day you're going to want to go out there and give in. On such days you’ll have someone to say, ‘Come on. Today is my day to uplift you’ and vice versa. Also, your workouts will become more fun and you get to spend quality time with your partner.  

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