Accessories for yoga

Make every yoga session count with these cool and fun accessories that the yogi in you needs!


Mats come in many colors, textures, and sizes. Depending on your personal preferences and price range, the options are limitless.

Yoga Mat Bags:

Yoga mats can be cumbersome to carry around if you plan to run errands post your class or head directly to work from a yoga session. Bags come in organic fabrics and materials with kitschy designs that can make your boring yoga mat look super stylish!

Yoga headstand pillows:

For the more advanced yogis out there, headstand pillows for those of you nailing this hard but really beautiful asana are a must. Shaped to let your head rest comfortably while you balance yourself upside down and they come in beautiful colors too.

Yoga Blocks:

Yoga blocks come in cork and foam and are handy if you are a beginner and want to minimise the risk of injury. Essential to maintain balance and get arm and spine alignment perfectly. For the more seasoned yogis out there, yoga blocks can help deepen your stretches.

Yoga belts:

Yoga straps or bands can be helpful to maintain balance and retain proper posture and alignments when practicing more dynamic forms of yoga. Like the yoga blocks, this apparatus is helpful to reduce the risk of injury and keep your body at ease while performing deep stretches.

Yoga bolsters:

If you practice yoga at home having these bolsters around will help you perform restorative asanas for relaxation. Designed for comfort, these bolsters are stuffed with cotton and foam core. Unlike bolsters used for seating, yoga bolsters specifically complement post yoga relaxation poses.

Yoga inspired sandals:

Great for ergonomics and in relieving stress and tiredness of the feet-yoga inspired sandals to help improve circulation in your feet by providing the right kind of counter pressure every time you walk. 

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