Regular intensive workouts result in a microscopic tear in your muscle fibers, by following rest days, you allow them to heal and recover for your next workout session. Good rest days help speed the delivery of nutrients to the muscles which are being repaired by accelerating the blood flow. Even though you are extremely motivated to stay active, don’t neglect the importance of a “rest day” because it guards you against injuries and overtraining. 

So if you think you might be less motivated after a rest day because you did nothing, let me tell you how to make a rest day productive in the best way possible! 

Low-intensity activities 

Be productive by doing low-intensity activities and avoiding going overboard on rest days. This way you also support your body to circulate nutrients to your body muscles faster.

  1. Walk - Take a walk, whether it’s short or long it totally depends on you and your fitness routines over the previous days. 
  2. Cycling - Cycling around your surroundings is a good low-intensity exercise to do and helps to freshen up the mind.
  3. Elliptical - If you cannot keep yourself away from the gym, try using the elliptical for a short period of time and listen to good music. Don’t go overboard, remember, it’s an active “rest” day!
  4. Clean the house - Active rest days can be a good time to do the house cleaning, it is a good way to keep yourself on the go with a low-intensity activity on a rest day and get your house looking spectacular!
  5. Swimming - take a day off your fitness routine and go swimming with your family/friends.

Activities that boost mental health 

Try doing activities which focus on your mental health as you need your physical and mental state to be all set for another workout session linked up, so make your rest days more productive by improving your mental health, relieve stress and help you sleep better

  1. Yoga - It is considered the best form of fitness to relax your body, try stretching to improve muscle flexibility, respiration, and foster mental calmness.
  2. Dance - Make your mood right with some dance steps. Make your family/friends join you during this session to relax your body and stay active.
  3. Spending time with family and friends - Make rest days better with spending more time with your family/friends and have a good conversation to help your mind be at peace. 

Pro-Tip -  Make rest days more productive with a new rule to follow - Read a fitness-related article every rest day so that you not only build your physical strength but also your fitness knowledge!

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