If you know an elder who needs guidance towards wellness and fitness, please make them aware of the below points for maximum benefits. For further help, let them take the road to wellness and fitness Fitternity using OnePass RedUse code: oneart5 to get an additional discount on OnePass Red

Let’s talk about small ways of staying fit/active and tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle

First - How to stay fit/active 

  • Go for morning walks OR visit the mall for window shopping in order to complete step of the day goals! ( Incase morning walks are too monotonous )
  • Join a yoga class to make friends OR call an instructor home to train your friends and you
  • Take your own glass of water/tea from the kitchen so you are on the move
  • Watch TV/ Serials/ Movies while doing stop jogging/ spot walking
  • Visit the swimming pool at least once/ twice a week as it helps reduce stress and blood pressure
  • Do seated exercises for a change
  • Put on your favorite song and dance along with your family
  • Tips on how to have a healthier lifestyle

1.  Be careful of falls

Having a fall is one of the worst things to happen when you are aging. With the smallest of falls, the biggest of problems get triggered and then we hope that we should have been more careful. Why not take the step before? If you need help while walking, no problem! Nobody is going to judge you for anything you do, you have to prioritize yourself and your health before anything else. Catching the railing while walking can help to maintain your balance and keep you safe from unforeseen problems!

2.  Quit smoking

Smoking can cause cancer, heart failure, and strokes. By avoiding one action, you can protect yourself from so many dangerous things. It can’t happen overnight, so try tiny steps to reduce smoking by keeping a log of the days you smoke and slowly reducing it to none a day!

3. Eat well

It is very important to fuel your body with the right nutrients to protect yourself from dental issues, acidity, gastrointestinal problems, and more! Cravings for eating junk is normal but try and achieve a balanced diet by eating the things you love after 7-10 days. This way you get what you like and your eating right for the rest of the days!

Make these changes and live happier and healthier! For more help, check out Fitternity using OnePass Red

Use code: oneart5 to get an additional discount on OnePass Red