We want more than just an “I will work out continuously for 2 months” and then break the workout cycle because it doesn’t feel like a new year resolution anymore! 

Instead, work smart, don’t die at the gym, and enjoy every workout to make it a lifestyle! Get the best gym membership discounts with FitMania, India's Largest Fitness Sale. 

1. Set SMALLER goals

As we mentioned before, don’t kill yourself at the gym! That is not the right way of working out because you will end up being a couch potato after a few weeks. You need to have small monthly goals to make a difference in your fitness journey - mentally and physically. Have goals like -

  • January is for achieving a good plank hold timer
  • February is for achieving good arm strength for a beginner pushup/ advanced pushup
  • March is for great core strength and so on! ( With every new month, continue the previous month’s goals regularly to see good results )

2. Stay motivated regardless of anything 

2020 was an unseen downfall in our lives and working out at home was new and challenging for everyone. Hats off to those who pulled it off and no worries to others who binged watched! But don’t let 2021 be the same, with gyms/studios opening up with safety protocols being followed, you can workout without fear. Even if you continue working out at home, don’t stop! You have to invest time in your fitness journey to achieve a fitness lifestyle!

3. Eat good food

For a fitter lifestyle, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the things you love. Believe in a balanced diet and know what you are eating. If Sunday brunch = extra calories, make a healthier meal on Saturday and Monday not only for your body but also for your mind to be prepared for a healthier lifestyle. Make the smarter choice, even though the calorie count of junk food and healthier food is the same, you might get foxed to pick the junk option, but know that sometimes it’s not only the end calorie number it is also the nutritional value of the food that you eat which matter!

4. Keep it short and fun

Make your own workouts if you know what you want and can manage to make it fun! Hours at the gym will not make you extra fit, but smart workouts that result in good muscle contraction and great cardiovascular exercises are the right way of fitness! On holidays, or just to make some days fun, gift yourself a dance workout or a lighter workout of yoga to break the monotony!

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