Why should kids be active?

For starters, 

  • Healthy weight 
  • Avoiding the risk of type 2 diabetes 
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Understanding teamwork/sportsmen spirit 

Let’s learn what motivates kids nowadays?

1. Choosing the right activities according to their age  

Each age group has a different interest and way of pasting their time, look at what interests your child in the below-suggested activities.

2. Making it super creative and fun 

Kids love doing things they enjoy and this is a great way to teach them new skills if it is programmed in a creative manner.

Check out indoor and at-home activities to make your child more active!

1. Family activities 

Perform family workouts or dance twice a week to spend more time with your child and keeping them active with a one-hour fun activity. Sometimes doing things along with kids increasing their interest level in completing the task.

2. Yoga 


Yoga is a great way to bring calmness in the kid’s mind and after long studying hours, this can be a complete relaxation for them. Join your kid in the yoga session too. Check out Yoga Online Classes 

3. Goal of the day 


Set specific goals like - step goals, jumping jack goals, mountain climbers goals, or squat goals for kids to do on a daily basis. Give them the set goal early in the morning and let them take intervals throughout the day to complete it. This is a great way of teaching them time management and being active at the same time!

4. D.I.Y activities 


This is another great way to keep kids active during the lockdown. Making things from scratch involves thinking progress and this can build the kid’s awareness and confidence. Plus it’s super fun if you join them too! Check out some D.I.Y activities for kids to do!

5. Learning new exercises 


Kids love challenges and with the amount of time they spend scrolling through the internet, make them watch videos of exercises their age kids can perform and give them monthly challenges! This is an exciting way to make them stronger and learn new things monthly!

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